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Reverse Engineering using BOUML tutorial - Showmedo video

A video project I created for one of my computer science courses, now one of the top 30 or 40 videos overall on (which you can find at ...


OpenOffice 3.1 Base Introduction for ShowMeDo

This introduction to the OpenOffice database Base is for, it is the introduction to 7 more videos that walk the user through creating a ...


Tutorial Bzr Launchpad en Windows

Esta es la continuación del tutorial de launchpad para linux, esta vez en windows. Más información en: ...


Fantastic Contraption Catapult Super Long Throw

Check out my other catapults!!! cat5 Video made with the free camstudio Tutorial: ...


java applet tutorial #1

example of how to create your first java applet original video taken from: ...


Help! Manuals, Forums and Mail-lists for OpenOffice

OpenOffice has many tutorial sources and forums. This 5 minute video runs you through all of the necessary resources so you can answer your own questions, ...


OpenOffice 3.1 Impress Introduction for ShowMeDo

This short series teaches the viewer how to make their first presentation using OpenOffice Impress 3.1 (which is just like MS PowerPoint). The series covers ...


Paint your own Bushfinger

A ShowMeDo tutorial video by UK based artist shardcore. Watch and see how easy it is for you to paint your own version of the George W Bush bird flippin' ...


OpenOffice 3.1 for Excel users - ShowMeDo Introduction

This is the introductory episode for a 'how to use OpenOffice for Excel users' series. The series has 12-parts and is hosted at ShowMeDo: ...


First 5 Minutes Programming with Python

How do you get started with Python Programming in just 5 Minutes? Here I show you, using Python 2.5 and the bundled IDLE editor, how to start writing your first ...


hare krsna 2 14 osho master 2 14 老聃 master 2 14||附敘述內文 解除start ubuntu 13.10遇見出現"low-graphics mode"

至尊主hare krsna 2 14 osho master 2 14 老聃master 2 14 儒家2 14 || 樂虛空om 南無佛頂尊勝佛母樂虛空om 金剛般若波羅蜜- - vegan & digital || 把握時間正確...


wxPython Programming Tutorial - 3 - Creating a Menu Bar

Visit my website at for all of my videos and tutorials! Have questions or looking for source code? Check out the forum at ...


tutorial OpenOffice Base Parte1



Introduction tutorial to Writer Part-1

An introduction to Writer: Opening, Saving, Printing, Toolbars, Gallery, Tables, Bullet Lists, Built-in Help, Online Help. is a free ...


OpenOffice Tutorial (2013) - GET YOUR FREE OPEN OFFICE HERE! OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, ...


OpenOffice: Label Tutorial

Short tutorial on creating labels in Open Office.


Ubuntu Apps Directory-容易的安裝開源套裝程式,假如出現e:dpkg was interrupted,run"sudo dpkg --configure -a"

至尊主hare krsna 2 14 osho master 2 14 老聃master 2 14 儒家2 14 || 樂虛空om 南無佛頂尊勝佛母樂虛空om 金剛般若波羅蜜- - vegan & digital || 把握時間正確...


fortran 90-95 tutorial no1

Introduction to fortran how to download a compiler how to create a source code how to compile, ...


OpenOffice 3.1 for Word users Transition Series

This is an overview of an 11-part series in ShowMeDo that teaches you how to get started with OpenOffice Writer and how to move easily from MS Word: ...


Make Data Entry Easy video tutorial OpenOffice Base Learn windows, entry, make, data, user, easy, databases, http, guides, misc, office skills, officeapplications, openoffi


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