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An Indie Film Tutorial: MPAA Rating Card

For those wanting a MPAA ratings card for their trailer or short, then this tutorial will help you create a very stylish green band card. Requirements for this tutorial: ...


Indie Filmmaker: Lighting Tutorial and samples

Visit our blog to learn more Learn how to add production value to you indie films by incorporating well thought out lighting ...


Indie Action Movie Tutorials Episode 5: Cinematography Part 1 - Focal Length

A tutorial on film fighting techniques and stunts for independent (indie) action movies. In this first sub-series we being to cover some of the basics of ...


How To Record Sound For Your Film - Indie Filmmaking Sound Tutorial

Another in-depth indie filmmaking tutorial this time taking a look at how to get great audio on set and what gear you need. For a full list of the recommendations ...


Indie Action Movie Tutorials Episode 4: Military Radio Chatter

A tutorial on film fighting techniques and stunts for independent (indie) action movies. In this fourth episode "short form" episode I go into a little trick I figured out ...


Erik Beck's Top 5 Film Lighting Tutorials

Erik Beck's Top 5 Low Budget Film Lighting Tutorials starts off the first episode of Indy Mogul's new show, Friday Favorites. 3-Point Lighting by VideoMaker: ...


The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking | Basic Tutorial

A tutorial by Moritz Janisch (Fenchel & Janisch) Blog & Website: This introduction to DSLR video is divided into six parts.


Film Aspect Ratio Overview and Tutorial Trying to decide what's the best aspect film ratios for your indie films? Mike gives a detailed overview of the different aspect ratios using ...


Rule of Thirds, Documentary Filmmaking Tutorial & DIY Helmet Cam : Indy News

Griffin reports on Zack Finfrock's Kickstarter success, DakaKin's DIY helmet camera, the Indie Machines' latest behind-the-scenes video, the 48-hour Guerrilla ...


[Extended Tutorial] Indie-style Hand-Drawn Write-In + Blueprint Effect using Adobe After Effects

Extended info begins at 12:30. This is the extended tutorial of the video originally posted here: Watch the short ...


Tutorial fermentasi pakan kambing - Indie Movies

Cara fermentasi pakan ternak kering dengan menggunakan SOC, hanya membutuhkan waktu 24 jam sebelum pakan bisa digunakan.


Underwater video & photography - tutorial for indie & low budget filmmakers

Watch all my video & photo tutorials here: Learn how to get nice underwater videos. This technique can be used for videos, films, and photos.



From the World War II action sci fi horror film HORRORS OF WAR, Shawn Collins, a graduate of the Tom Savini Make Up FX school. Here we talk about advice ...


Filmmaking Tutorial: Buying a low budget video camera

Read the updated article with recommended cameras: My Amazon Filmmaking recommended buy list: ...


Indie Tip - Super Powers

I have a lot of little tips like this that don't really fall into any tutorial category so I decided to just start a new playlist for these called "Indie Tip". A lot of the ...


10 Tricks to Make Amateur Video Look Professional : Indy News

Griffin reports on the RED camera price drop, Disney's purchase of Star Wars, 10 ways to smash a pumpkin, a DIY car-camera mount, and top 10 tips for faking ...


How to Mix Audio Levels for Films & Movies - Introduction to Cinema Sound for Indie Films Part 01

This first segment covers dynamic range of films and other popular media, cinema acoustics, The X-Curve, basic speaker calibration and how to estimate what ...


How to Direct a Movie: Independent Filmmaking : What is a Movie Short List?

Interested in directing an Indie film? Learn important tips from an expert about a movie short list in this free filmmaking video. Expert: Rhett Reiger Contact: ...


Finding your own Directing Style for your Independent Film

Finding your own Directing Style for your Independent Film. In this webisode, Jose talks about how to find your own unique shooting style. Do you like wide ...


Indie Tip - The Distorted Face Effect

Link #1 - Reference shot - Link #2 - Video CoPilot "Demon Face" tutorial ...

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