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AZP: Floating Text Tutorial

Create Text in a video scene by tracking the footage. Tracking explanation to not only add text but objects etc. If you would like a rotoscoping tutorial to follow up ...


After Effects/AE2 Car Explosion Tutorial(with voice narration)

This is the first part of a tutorial on how to composite a car explosion with action essentials 2. It includes a voice narration and shows some tracking techniques, ...


AZP: Car Explosion Tutorial

Tutorial how to simulate a car explosion using After Effects and Photoshop. Footage shot with Canon T2i. Thanks for watching, please click "Like".


Video Copilot 10 Serious FX & Compositing Tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD!

Video Copilot - Serious FX & Compositing PART 1: PART 2: PART 3: PART 4: ...


Photoshop Tutorial- Floating text on water!

in this tutorial you will learn how you can make text floating on the water using Photoshop CS3. Please subscribe and comment.


AE: Creating True 3D Text in After Effects with Shatter

In this tutorial, I'll be going over how to create true 3D text using the Shatter effect within After Effects, Using this method is a lot easier to manage rather than ...


Minecraft | SCHOOL MOD! (Make School FUN & EXPLOSIVE!) | Mod Showcase

"HOW MANY LIKES CAN WE GET?!" ▻ Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: ▻ Follow Me on Twitter :: ...


Car Rigging Tutorial with Blender - Part 2/2

Curve Length Addon - Free Car Models - Follow me: Facebook - Google+ - ...


Glass explosion text effect - After Effects CS5

Glass explosion text effect - After Effects CS5 Created using the CC Pixel Poly effect. Adobe After effects CS5 VideoCopilot tutorial: ...


Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

Learn Magic at Vlogs on my 2nd channel: Instagram: ...


Floating Fire in your Hand Tutorial [After Effects]

UPDATE: My website is currently offline. Or actually the domain forwarding has been deactivated. It's being rebuilt. Until that happens (not sure how long it'll ...


Adobe After Effects CS5 Tutorial - How to make a Simple Explosion ...


After Effects TUTORIAL: Get hit by a car! (HD)

In my very first Adobe After Effects Tutorial I will be showing you how to make a basic hit-and-run effect in After Effects! PS Sorry I keep saying the word "now" in ...


MEGA TUTORIAL! Floating Signs, Invisible Barriers, and More!

The plugin needed for this is world guard. ( ▻ Have a question? Ask Away! ▻ Thanks for watching!


After Effects Tutorial - Create 3D Text onto live action Footage HD

Tutorial by Andrew Kramer Video Copilot: 3D Shadows • Cast 3D shadows onto live action footage • Use shadow diffusion and special material options Project ...


After Effects Tutorial - 31 - Moving Text Along a Path

Visit my website at for all of my videos and tutorials! Have questions or looking for source code? Check out the forum at ...


Floating Fishermen Prank

People go fishing on a lake dock, but they catch such a big fish that it actually drags the dock away from the beach and drifting. They find themselves floating in ...


After Effects Tutorial - Planet Explosion

Tutorial by Andrew Kramer Video Copilot: Planet Explosion • Simulate graffiti writing on a wall in 3D • Add some paint splatter elements Project Files: ...


Exploding Car and other FX using After Effects

Fun short trying out different special effects. Tutorials for each found at my channel "artisticzeal" please click LIKE. Thanks for watching.


Maya nCloth Destruction Tutorial

Its fun to destroy things in Maya. No plugins required. Music mixed by me! Look up DJstoliX.

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