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Bat'leth Training Sampler Two

More training with my bat'leth. This video is not meant to be a tutorial video but just to show some different moves I am practicing. In the future I will do some ...


Bat'leth Whirlwind Slo-Mo Tutorial

This video shows how to do the whirlwind move with the bat'leth. Comments and criticisms are appreciated. The weapon I am using was purchased here: ...


Bat'leth - Lesson 0 - Introduction

This is a course on how to use the Bat'leth using the House of Fow style. This is the first of the videos covering the history of the Bat'leth and its structure. The rest ...


Bat'leth - Lesson 1 - Holding the Bat'leth

To use how to use a Bat'leth, first you must know how to hold the Bat'leth.


Bat'leth Training - Spins

I am training with my new Bat'leth here. I recently acquired this wooden training weapon. Spinning around a weapon is a type of training that allows you to better ...


Batleth Kata by Joe of Satori Dojo

Batleth Kata by Sensei Joe Varady of Satori Dojo in Phoenixville, PA.


bat'leth used to rob a 7-11

A Star Trek Klingon sword called a bat'leth was used to rob two 7-11's in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Vlog 27: Bat'leth Technic

I show you my Bat'leth technic. I did a kata with the Bat'leth/woodsaw in a previous video but it was too dark to see me. I also went to my future high school and ...


Bat'Leth Championship

Prepping for and winning the Bat'Leth Championship, Final Round.


STO - Bat'leth Bootcamp 1 vs 1)

The beginning of the Bat'leth Training Kali'maw of -the rising night- organized on thursday(which happened to be yesterday). Sense the first 3 rounds(I think 3 ...


STO: Day of Honor - Free Bat'leth The Day of Honor event takes place in the Omega Leonis sector block, at the Qo'noS system, from 10AM PDT on April 5th to 10AM PDT on April 11th.


Batleth Basics Pt.2

Part 2 of the Batleth Basics training video from the IKV Rakehell. This video was originally made in the mid '90s and was pulled from a vhs tape which has ...


Badminton racket stringing video tutorial.

This is my concise guide to stringing a badminton racket using a 6 point crank stringing machine. I've tried several different variations of string patterns and knots ...


Quinn and the bat'leth

Quinn and the bat'leth.


Robert O'Reilly in Playing a Bat'leth Guitar to the Radio

In jg Hertzler's suite at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for the Star Trek Convention.


Star Trek Online - Gameplay with Klingon Bat'Leth

with all the bug reports i have uploaded lately i thought a positive video about STO would be good.


Cloud's Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII) - MAN AT ARMS

Which weapon will be next? ▻ Subscribe! Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video ...


Star Trek Online LightSabers

ok not LightSabers but batleth and lirpa's witht the blade amde to that effect. 1 word to describe them...AWESOME.


Finn's Golden Sword (Adventure Time) - MAN AT ARMS

Which weapon will be next? ▻ Subscribe! Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video ...


Tutorial: How To: Download HD Streams from StreamHoster like Streamcloud [German][HD]

Hey, Fabian von DenitivGaming zeigt euch heute wie ihr von beliebigen StreamSeiten wie , Stream-Oase, SockShare, Movie4k und anderen die ...

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