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Receiving NOAA Weather Satellite Images with $10 USB SDR Device Tutorial

Receiving NOAA weather satellite imagery with my USB Software Defined Radios- A bit of a tutorial.. Using the NooElec R820t in this recording. I use Orbitron ...


Tutorial on ham radio satellite tracking

Little tutorial video on amateur radio satellite tracking.


Tutorial: Satellites.xml manuell einfügen bei Enigma 2 Receivern z. B. Dreambox und Vu+

Wer eine andere Satelliten Liste haben möchten z. B. mit vielen Feed Transpondern. Der muss sie selber auf den Receiver überspielen. Wie immer auf eigene ...


KSP - RemoteTech School - Episode 2 - Building Satellites

This video is the second RemoteTech tutorial in the series. In this video I am covering: - Communication Networks - why do we need them, and little about what a ...


Kerbal Space Program Tutorial Ep. 3 Satellites

It was requested that i do a tutorial on satellites so here it is!


Kerbal Space Program - How To Setup A Geostationary Communications Network

Geostationary orbit is easy enough, but I get a lot of requests to make a video about geostationary orbits. So here's a video where I launch an 3 satellite comms ...


VSAT Tutorial - 2/6 Components iDirect Evolution X3 - Satellite Internet Connectivity - The VSAT Installation Manual introduces you step-by-step to the technical requirements and ...


James Blunt - Satellites ( piano tutorial lesson cover )

Midi file is here:


Tutorial Setup CCCam on Skybox F5 F5S Satellite Receiver

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How to take NOAA satellite pictures using RTL-SDR for under 50$

Here is short video how to download satellite pictures of earth for under 50$. Software links: SDR Sharp: (Tuner ...


How Satellites Work

Geostationary satellites are positioned one-tenth of the way to the moon (about 36000 km), but how do they stay there? This video shows how satellites stay in ...


Kerbal Space Program 0.90 - Satellite orbit contract

This is a kinda short run through of a satellite orbit contract through completion. Sorry for the voice sound, it is kinda low and blends in too much with the game.


STK Tutorials - Basics - How to Insert a Satellite/The Satellite database

This is a collection of self-paced instructional videos that, when used with our software, provide hands-on experience with a variety of the features and functions on which STK is built. If...


Satellite Communication

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Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands To Yourself Lesson- Part I

Lesson on basic riffs and chords for the Georgia Satellite's Keep Your Hands To Yourself. Related lessons on middle solo (Part II) and outro solo (Part III).


Kerbal Space Program - Tutorial Part 3 - Fun with satellites

In the final installment of this tutorial I show you how to put a satellite into orbit and return. I should note that these videos aren't here to show you the exact steps ...


Civilization Beyond Earth: Boot Camp #1 Touchdown

Duncan, Sjin and Pyrion take an early look at Civilization Beyond Earth with special guests from Firaxis; Will and Dave, Co-Lead Designers of Beyond Earth.


Download satellite imagery for free

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Ableton tutorial: Cern - Satellites [Kilotone remix] - The DSP Project

This video is incomplete due to upload restrictions! See the full version here: Cern are a leading kiwi DNB outfit ...


STK Tutorials Part 2 | How Many Satellites...?

How Many Satellites Must I Access to Communicate with the GPS Network? STK 10 Tutorial, intended for Dayton Regional Stem Center Coursework.

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