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Philip Diehl and the Ceiling Fan - Stuff of Genius

Originally born in Germany, Philip Diehl immigrated to the US in 1868. Although he has several fascinating inventions to his name, the ceiling fan remains his ...


Why are Blueprints Blue?

Before the days of copiers and electronic documents, duplicating documents was a time-consuming, arduous task. Learn how John Herschel's blueprints ...


Urban Tree to Wood Bike

Blog post: Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez of Masterworks Woodworking in San Jose, CA, salvage condemned city trees, then build ...


Making the Very Small, Big: The Electron Microscope - Stuff of Genius

Once we exhausted the ability to magnify objects through the use of light and lenses, we had to look for a new method. We wanted to go smaller. Enter the ...


Don't Stretch the Truth Behind Rubber Bands - Stuff of Genius

Have you ever wondered who invented the things that bind your newspaper, or hold your bags of chips closed, or fill the corners of drawers at the office? Yes ...


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