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The Father of Video Games - Stuff of Genius

Ralph Baer was working for a U.S. defense company when he invented the world's first video game system. Luckily, this invention was too fun to remain locked ...


FIRE in the Lab! - Hidden Genius

Nowadays Bunsen burners are an everyday laboratory device, but this wasn't always the case. Tune in and learn more about the fascinating life of Robert ...


Making the Very Small, Big: The Electron Microscope - Stuff of Genius

Once we exhausted the ability to magnify objects through the use of light and lenses, we had to look for a new method. We wanted to go smaller. Enter the ...


Volleyball Tips: Setting with Jeff Nygaard

In this Pro Tips 4U sports training sample video, 3x Olympian and former AVP MVP, goes over Setting. Learn the secrets of the proper set. First off Jeff goes over ...


Raymond Damadian and the MRI

Today the MRI is a crucial piece of technology, and its ability to scan the human body in a noninvasive way makes it an invaluable diagnostic tool. But who built it ...


WWW.GUITAR-CLINIC.NET - Visitor's column - Diogo Mafra

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