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P4080 Reflow

Placing a Freescale P4080 Processor on an Embedded Planet Advanced Mezzanine Card with a Martin Hot Air 04 BGA rework station.


Cain and Abel Tutorial: Network Sniffing

This is a tutorial on how to use the program: Cain and Abel. It allows for network sniffing, which gives you the ability to monitor all traffic from hosts in your subnet.


80V Wide Range I2C Power Monitor Simplifies Challenging System Monitoring Tasks

Mark Thoren Staff Scientist, Mixed Signal Products Accurate monitoring of power is an essential part of a reliable and energy efficient (green) system design.


Intro to Drawing Floor Plans with AutoCAD Architecture

An updated version of this video without the background music is now available: ...


Digimerge CMS-DH Advanced Features: E-Mapping, Smart Search, Zoom

Part 2 of the tutorial on Digimerge CMS-DH Central Management Software examines advanced features including E-Mapping, Smart Search and Digital Zoom.


How to Make a Doll Bunk Bed | plus Desk - Doll Crafts

by request: Check out this totes adorbs Doll Bunk Bed vid :oD ... it even has a Desk for your dolls to do their homework! Official Website: ...


SDS/2 Detailing v7.3

This video offers a look at the 2D portion of SDS/2 Detailing software. See how easy it is to detail steel, edit BOMs, cut sections and more using SDS/2 Detailing.


Installing Fiber HBA's to HP Blade Center Running ESX 4 Part 3 of 4

Ok this is a 4 part mini-video series on how to install a fiber card (Qlogic HBA) on your HP blade center server. This is video is how to do the actual install.


Networking Concepts - NIC cards

short video about NIC.


Molex microSD connectors Get improved card ejection control with Molex's newest microSD Card connectors Molex has expanded its ...


Pallet Lift, Platform Lift, Goods Lift, Dock Lift, Warehouse Lift UK, Short Rise Platform Lift

Pallet Lift, Platform Lift, Goods Lift, Dock Lift, Warehouse Lift UK, Short Rise Goods Lift Manual Handling Solutions MHS.COM Ltd offer bespoke custom designed ...


Access Control Hacked

I've managed to get control of the LCD, keypad and buzzer on TomG's access control devices. The next step is to figure out figure out how the RFID reader works ...


MicroTCA -- New embedded computing standard (English)

MicroTCA stands for Micro Telecommunication Computing Architecture and describes how systems can be implemented with Advanced MCs directly on a ...


V-tch Groud floor Drive way leading to 2nd level parking, Unloading dock and 2nd gate exit

V-tch Groud floor Drive way leading to 2nd level parking, and another way to Loading dock of the ground floor office space and 2nd gate exit (Maria Clara St).


HP0-P24 - HP-UX Test 11iv3 Exam System Administration Questions

For HP HP0-P24 Test Questions and Answers Please Visit: Exam Section 1 - Fundamental HP-UX architectures and ...


PowerConnect 5500: Creating and applying VLANs to an interface

Dell Quick Resource Locator video. Get immediate access to detailed how-to videos using your smart phone and a model specific QR code on Dell PowerEdge ...


Use Jython to do Screen Capture Videos

I'm trying out Drew's code from I'm using Eclipse 4.3 with PyDev 3.2 to run this Jython 2.5.4rc1 program.


Die & Interface ft William Cartwright - Bright Lights (Lenzman Remix)

Emerging from relative obscurity, Dutch producer 'Lenzman' is fast making waves in the Drum & Bass world with his deep and soulful take on this underground genre. Influenced by Hiphop ...


Mortgage Rates At The Time Of Applying For A Mortgage Loan - Professor Savings ( a simple way to learn finance on youtube. Know About Mortgage Rates At The Time Of Applying For A ...


Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Along with TopTiers range of palletizers, Impact Automation can also offer TopTier's integrated concurrently stretch wrapping system as an optional extra.

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