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A beginner's guide to telecommunications networks

The New Zealand Fibre story can be hard one to get your head around but everyone should know the basics. IDC -- the market intelligence advisory service ...


Kerbal Space Program - How To Setup A Geostationary Communications Network

Geostationary orbit is easy enough, but I get a lot of requests to make a video about geostationary orbits. So here's a video where I launch an 3 satellite comms ...


What is OSS/BSS? Ericsson, the world's leading provider of communications technology and services, takes an entertaining and informative look ...


Telecom Billing Lec02 Telecom Billing 0 0



Wireless Training - 3G Cellular: CDMA

Set to HD and full screen... or watch in full quality at ...


Pilot Training - Radio Communication Tutorial

Visit for the complete flight training course. Pilot Training - Radio Communication Tutorial The flight training video course available at ...


Wire Wrap Tutorial for electronics

A short video wire wrapping tutorial (how to wire wrap). This is great alternative to soldering -- it's fast and easy and gives you a robust connection. Plus, there's ...


F5 Signaling Delivery Controller - Traffix Systems Video Tutorial Three Diameter Solutions on One Platform: Diameter Gateway, Load Balancer & Router A market-first, Traffix Signaling ...


The T-Mobile Dance

Watch the moment Liverpool Street Station danced to create this special T-Mobile Advert. Life's for sharing.


Introduction to Voice Over IP

Follow Eli on the Vlog Channel: Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: August ...


DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - Understanding partitioning and replication in Cassandra

DataStax is the developer of DataStax Enterprise, a distributed, scalable, and highly available database platform that delivers optimal performance either on ...


SNMP Tutorial

This SNMP Tutorial video is the first part of the SNMP Tutorial white paper from DPS Telecom. Read and Download the full SNMP Tutorial at http://www.


What is Structured Cabling Standard (TIA-568-C)? Before the 1990s, data and voice ...


What is The 1996 Telecommunications Act? (Inbox.exe)

Discuss: Music:, Merch: Game Deals: ...


What is Jitter in Fiber Optic Telecom Systems? Hello, everyone. This is Colin from Fiber Optics For Sale. In this video, I will explain what is jitter in fiber optic telecom ...


Flash Photography Tutorial For Beginners In Malayalam EP 03 Deepu B Pillai Flash Photography Tutorial For Beginners In Malayalam As a Canon ...


Teracom Videotutorial V8: What is a softswitch?

Explains what a softswitch is by first undersanding what a CO switch is, with video of a visit to a REALLY BIG DMS-100 Central Office telephone switch, plus a ...


pagemaker tutorial in tamil part 6

Adobe Pagemaker Software,Training And Tutorial Videos DvD's For Sale. Over 20 Hours Video Training, 3 DvD's Package Just Rs. 400/= Only. Contact: ...


UTorrent Tutorial

This is a file sharing app which also has a mobile version for your phone. Download UTorrent Stable App at Proceed to ...


Pro Engineer (Pro E) Wildfire 5.0 Basic Beginner Part Modeling Tutorial

Pro Engineer (Pro E) Wildfire 5.0 Basic Beginner Part Modeling Tutorial. In this tutorial Pro Engineer (Pro E) Wildfire 5.0 Part Modeling Basic is covered by ...

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