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Microsoft PowerPoint Effects Tutorial 2

This is my second PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial. It's simple and easy to follow.


Microsoft PowerPoint Effects Tutorial

An easy-to-follow tutorial on creating cool animated effects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.


Powerpoint Animation Tutorial: Walking

Got several requests to do tutorials, though I always declined it because I didn't know what to do tutorials on, so I chose something as basic as walking as my first ...


PowerPoint Tutorial: How to make a Maze Game

In this tutorial I show you how to make a maze game in PowerPoint with doors, and moving parts! If you would like more in-depth instructions on a specific ...


How to Make 3D Pop-out Photos in PowerPoint - Design Animation Tutorial

Here's another cool PowerPoint technique you can use to spice up your presentations. This is actually pretty simple to do if you start out with a good photo that ...


Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial, Beginner to Advance - Create an Animated Slideshow About Yourself

Yes it is long but it covers everything you need to know about PowerPoint in a fun way: -Slide Master, Header & Footer, Custom Fonts, Photo Effects, Borders, ...


Tutorial Powerpoint 2013 - Cómo hacer presentaciones en Powerpoint

Éste tutorial básico te enseña como hacer presentaciones fácilmente en Powerpoint. Si necesitas hacer una presentación para tu escuela, colegio o instituto, ...


Kinetic Typography: Made Easy with PowerPoint - TUTORIAL

Kinetic Typography with PowerPoint is easier than you think! SUBSCRIBE for news updates about: ···· BONUS-Click here ...


Part 1 - Absolute basic PowerPoint 2007 tutorial

Educational video on how to use the new PowerPoint 2007 for the first time.


PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 3: Create a basic PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 3: Create a basic PowerPoint. Demonstration of how to create a basic PowerPoint from a blank template.


PowerPoint 2013 Basic Tutorial

This video shows the basics of PowerPoint 2013.


Grundlagen in Powerpoint 2010 - Tutorial (German) (HD)

Hier werden grundlegende Techniken beigebracht, die benötigt werden um eine Präsentation mit Powerpoint 2010 zu erstellen. Download der Präsentation ...


PowerPoint tutorial: How to add video to your presentation |

Show a YouTube video right from within your PowerPoint presentation. Watch more at ...


PowerPoint 2013 Training - Creating a Presentation - Part 1 - PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial

Get my free 3 hour course for PowerPoint 2013 course. Get 19 training videos to help you learn MS PowerPoint 2013. Click here to get the free course: ...


Embed an on & offline prezi in powerpoint tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to add an online and and offline "downloaded" prezi and embbed them actually inslide a powerpoint slide. you can download the ...


How to Make a Cartoon of Yourself in PowerPoint - Advanced Animation Tutorial

My newest tutorial video about ways to make a cartoon of yourself in PowerPoint, including using CrazyTalk Animator, which is a separate software you can get ...


How to create 3D Sphere in PowerPoint - A tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn to create 3D sphere in PowerPoint. You will not only find a step by step demonstration of how to create the graphic from scratch but ...


Spinning World, Balls, and Other Objects in PowerPoint: Advanced Animation Tutorial

This is an advanced PowerPoint animation tutorial which shows how to make a really cool spinning world and other spinning objects. Comment, like and ...


Amazing Motion, Fire, and Shiny Text Effects in PowerPoint - Advanced Animation Tutorial

Make cool motion text effects in PowerPoint - from fire text, to shiny text, to anything you can imagine! Check out the written post of this and download the working ...


PowerPoint tutorial: How to change templates and themes |

Move seamlessly though different presentation styles without losing your work. Watch more at ...

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