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Lightwave 3D Tutorial - Depth of Field (DOF)

In this tutorial we are going to be exploring the basics of Depth of Field, what it is? the different types of DOF and how to get such effect inside of Lightwave 3D.


Making an Asteroid field - 3D tutorial - Lightwave

Hello , my name is David and I'm a freelance digital artist , I will show how I made some stuff from my latest work: music: ...


Lightwave 3D Tutorial - Making a Forest Scene Part 5: Instancing

In this last tutorial we will be populating our terrain with some trees, using Lightwave's native instancing tool. Subscribe to my Channel: ...


T-REX Soft Effect apply to the skin - Tutorial Lightwave

Tutorial how to simulate real skin waves to your model usin Weight Maps & soft effect in Lightwave.


Lightwave 3D Asteroid Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial on how to create an asteroid in Lightwave using just nodal displacement. This video ends with a fib, I said I'd be posting additional parts ...


Lightwave 3D Tutorial - Making a Forest Scene Part 4: Lighting and Trees

In this tutorial we will create a basic sunlight setup using HDRI images. We will also create trees using the DP Verdure plugin.


Lightwave 3D Tutorial - Making a Forest Scene Part 2: 10K Textures in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will be creating 10K textures in Photoshop, that will be later applied to the terrain model we created in Part 1. Part 1: ...


Fast Rigging in Lightwave 3D

A quick tutorial on how to make a fast usable rig in Lightwave 3D, using the brand new Genoma system. Subscribe to my Channel: ...


Lightwave 3D Tutorial - Making a Forest Scene Part 3: Additional Textures

In this tutorial we will create Bump, Specularity and Diffuse maps for the terrain right inside of Lightwave. We will also create and texture the water plane. Part 2: ...


IK tutorial in NewTek's LightWave 3D

William Vaughan introduces Inverse Kinematics.


LightWave tutorial: Automatically rotating wheels with Dr Wheel Rotator

This shows how to make wheels automatically rotate when a car moves forwards or backwards. This doesn't cover steering. Check out for ...


X and T Pipe Joints Tutorial in NewTek's LightWave 3D

William Vaughan shows us how: to use Sub-Divided Surfaces to create pipe shapes.


LightWave 11.5 Forces Tutorial

In this tutorial, Cody Burke shows us how to use the new Bullet Forces in LightWave 11.5.


Motion Capture in Lightwave 3D.

Demonstration and tutorial about how works motion capture in lightwave 3D with BVH files and IK_BOOSTER. Mocap file and model(Daz) for test: ...


Making Photoshop Style Gradients in Lightwave Tutorial

Gradients are super simple to work with and comprehend in Photoshop, but in Lightwave they aren't as straightforward. In this video I show how to make ...


Rain Animation Tutorial (Lightwave 3D + After Effects)

In this video you will see how I created the RAIN ANIMATION video using Lightwave 3D's particle system and hypervoxels plus an insight on how to create water ...


tutorial lightwave basico01

ejemplos basicos de modeller de lightwave.


Modeling Curtains in Lightwave 3D

In this tutorial we will be modeling curtains using the classic Cloth FX simulation system form Lightwave. Subscribe to my Channel: ...


LightWave 11.5 Cloth Dynamics: Revealing a Lamborghini

In this tutorial, Cody Burke explains how use Bullet Soft Bodies in order to pull cloth off of a Lamborghini. For a different approach on pulling cloth off of an object ...


LightWave tutorial: Build a Japanese house with LWCad, Part 2

This video by Phil Nolan came with his tutorial in issue 174 of 3D World magazine. Buy a digital edition for iPhone & iPad: Buy a printed ...

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