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OTRS First Steps: Admin User

In this video, we will unbox OTRS, and take the very first step with OTRS. I will discuss adding an Admin User, and preventing OTRS from getting hacked, ...


La WikiGuida di Wikisource

Wikisource ( ) รจ una biblioteca digitale wiki, cugina di Wikipedia. Il progetto si propone di raccogliere, trascrivere e rileggere libri e testi ...


Nature DX Binoculars Tour

More info: Hailed as the top entry level binocular in the market, Nature ...


Using Facebook to connect and organize community events

The Olds and area MOMS group uses Facebook to connect moms in town with each other. One of the main uses is to organize events such as playdates.


Article Feedback on Wikipedia

Video tour of Article Feedback V5 -- a new way to engage readers to contribute productively on Wikipedia. This full screencast (3:50) shows how readers can ...

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