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Fraws Vlog 001 (30-07-12) - Info varie ed Eventi

Torneo Torre Canne:


Vandalizziamo una G15 per farne un controller del Pop'n'Music!

Eh si! A questa vecchia G15 di ellino non funzionavano alcuni tasti ed oramai era stata data per in mano mia...ogni cosa ha una seconda possibilità! Owiamente è molto più ...


Mauser C-96 Pistol from the Boer War

Ed talks about his Mauser pistol which belonged to a British Army officer who fought in the Boer War. Militaria for sale at: ...



i hate this program so much with a passion.


Review: Parrot AR Drone2.0

This is a really cool and fun gadget. I got it "for the kids."


Zan Shooting Target Practice .45 Mag High Desert New Mexico Sept 9, 2011

Zan taking a break from his hot-air balloon instruction & studies, working towards his pilot's license, to do a little target practice in the high desert of New Mexico.

 - Airsoft Gun Special Services - Quality Assurance Service We show you our "Quality Assurance" service that we provide to our customers. For only a few dollars more, you can ...


Headshot speciale Mantova Comics and Games 2013

IN ESCLUSIVA EUROPEA di Lego City Undercover e Fire Emblem Awakening + intervista allo sviluppatore del gioco italiano Eymerich + intervista al dr.


Augment reality test

sony vegas hyper cam and google sketchup work pretty cool together sorry for bad quality.


UKIP - Diverse Yet Patriotic

Please like our Facebook page, thank you. Fred Parkinson and Adrian Parke speak about being UKIP candidates in ...


Please - Dont Break My Heart


Passage into the Afterlife (Work In Progress)

This is a test spell, uploaded only for WIP show-off reasons.


Single Action Party: Ruger Bearcat and Cimarron 1873 Single Action Army

Some family fun, including a friendly competition round at the end.


Nerf Elite retrofit and Nerf KRISS Vector

A video showing my Elite Retaliator internal retrofit inside my clear Recon. Then a video demonstrating my Nerf KRISS Vector from a GI Joe toy blaster that ...


Skakki 2004 - Pazzo spostato sfida la morte sul balcone del secondo piano

Ho fatto questo video nel lontano Giugno del 2004 al liceo scientifico Scacchi di Bari, il soggetto è opportunamente censurato per ovvi motivi.


Updated Elite Masterkey and reload

Updated Elite Pinpoint sight and showing the Roughcut slamfire. Also dry run of a fast reload using HSGI taco pouches.


Rubber Band Guns by Elastic Precision

A quick demonstration of the rubber band guns made by Elastic Precision.


Walmart Schooting

We go to Walmart and mess around with their toy guns...


Gage Weather Boss

Check our this new product video of our Weather-Boss series of Jacket, Parka and Pant. Tough enough for the Bering Sea yet functional enough for every ...


Browning Hi-Power 9mm: Hand-Gun Review ---) ---) The Browning Hi-Power was John ...

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