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LA Hotel Cafe Show w/ band! (Announcement)

"Goodnight Company" & all albums available at iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, etc. ...


Jingle Bells - Tutorial Ukelele

Tutorial para ukelele de la canción Jingle Bells para que la toques esta Navidad, acordes y melodía


The Doors LIVE w/ Touch Me + Ray Manzerak & Danny Sugerman on Rage ABC 1995

This is recorded in Dolby with Jim Morrison singing LIVE, The Doors with Touch me, on a show I do not know or the year of this performance. At the end of the ...


The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down (Cover)

Acoustic cover of Don't Let Me Down by The Beatles Vocals/guitar - Sam Morrow Vocals/drums - Matt Tecu Bass - Charlie Diaz Guitar - Ed Marshall.


James Morrison - Right By Your Side (Cover by Leo James)

No chords or lyrics were available when making this, because it's from James' new album which hasn't yet been released! Dead new! haha. So this is my ...


Jane Lui & Clara C :: Album Announcement!

We have both worked so hard this year on our individual albums, hope you will love them. ALBUM RELEASE DATES: JANE LUI Info: "Goodnight Company" & all ...


Chris Forsyth - "Solar Motel" trailer (Official)

To purchase and for more details: Video by Maria ...


The Bomb - Live at The Historic Southgate House, Newport, Kentucky

The Bomb - Live at The Historic Southgate House, Newport, Kentucky Sorry I had to leave during the set, but all the cigarette smoke was making me ill.


Minds Eye covers Firehose's Brave Captain

Our 2012 jam version of Firehose's classic Brave Captain. This is Neil Blender's theme song during the NSA Cow Skates Video "Ohio Skateout"-1987ish street ...


America cover Sister Golden Hair Raw Pass 3

Doug Probst, Miguel Herrera, John Oswald, Tim Sullivan, Douglas Lang.


John Pizzarelli Banter

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


How To Adjust Casio Watch Strap

This Video Shows you how to "adjust" a "casio watch strap" by using home appliances.


Michigan State University: Table Slides

Michigan State University Rehabilitation Medicine Physical Therapist Nancy Tucker shows you how to improve range of motion using table slide exercises.


Eddie's Birthday (Slide) Solo @ The Intersection

Good stuff :) Plus, a solo from the charming Glen Mitchell toward the end...


The Play: Bears Attack the Band

Arguably the best finish in college football history.... November 20, 1982: Stanford has a 20-19 lead with 4 seconds left. Cal uses five lateral passes to return the ...


"liquid love" rehearsal at Studio Pine ( philly )

Raw iPhone footage of rehearsal for tonight's (NOV 21st) show at Harlemstage. Steve Mckie on drums, Corey Bernhard on keys, Anthony DeCarlo on guitar and ...


Little Hell - City and Colour (acoustic cover by Leo James)

Hey guys, a quick one taker because it's a VERY hot day today, and I'm stuck at home alone and bored :( I hope you like it - I decided not to speak at the start of ...


Is a Front Squat Easier on the Knees? : Exercises to Build & Tone Muscle

Subscribe Now: Watch More: If a squat is hard on your ...


Delgado Brothers Merry Christmas

The Delgado Brothers wishing everyone a Merry (Hairy?) Christmas!


24 kg kettlebell Front Squat with knee compression

With a TIGHT compressive wrap on my right knee, I am checking my squat form Pre RKC. Post removing the wrap form improves. Kstar logic.

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