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Vestal Hairdressing: recreating the "Seni Crines"

Analysis and recreation (upon a live model) of the "seni crines" hairstyle of ancient Rome's Vestal Virgin priestesses. Research based on ancient artifacts and ...


The hairstyle of Empress Plotina

Janet Stephens' tutorial fro recreating the Trajanic hairstyle of Empress Plotina (ca. 99-117 AD). Calamistrum curling iron and "tooth pick" curling are explained.


Empress Sabina: Ancient Roman Hairdressing

Using period appropriate techniques, recreate an authentic ancient Roman hairstyle of Empress Sabina ( (ca 125-135 AD).


Quo Vadis Original Film Score- 06 Dance of the Vestal Virgins

The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra And Chorus, Conducted By Nic Raine,Composed By Miklos Rozsa.


Minecraft - Temple of Vesta 17012012

Temple of Vesta latin: aedes vestae ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- auf D E U T S C H Abmessungen: ein in-game...


House of the Vestals in Minecraft - 17102011

House of the Vestals - this is a preview ! Latin: Atrium Vestae The place where the Vestals lived auf D E U T S C H Haus der Vestalinnen Abmessungen: ein ...


Eat my Goal

Football, what is it good for? Most people seem overwhelmingly drawn up in the World Cup preparations - but I have a confession: I just don't get it. I can't be ...


Hairstyle video

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classical greek hairstyle

Janet Stephens recreates a classical greek hairstyle (5th c. BC Athenian) using period appropriate tools and techniques. Background Music ("Athenian Hair", ...

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