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Cinderella 2.0: Transmedia Storytelling

This short film, created by our Madrid office, is a tutorial for storytelling, brand content and transmedia. It illustrates Draftfcb's commitment to creating powerful ...


Garage Band Tutorial for Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling - Summer 2014 Basic Tutorial for Voice Recording in Garage Band.


What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler

View full lesson: What trials unite not only Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins but many of literature's ...



This is a tutorial for Stuart Edge's Magic Proposal Card Trick Stuart is my friend, and I have his permission and ...


Pixar Storytelling Rules #4: Drama and Conflict Click here to subscribe: We easily empathize with ...


Real Knowledge through Storytelling

Dr. Ed Hoffman, Chief Knowledge Officer and Director APPEL, NASA, and Jon Boyle Deputy Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA discuss the power of stories in ...


Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Download the new collection “FOR YOU” featuring “The Heart Wants What it Wants” here: ...


Ed Catmull, Pixar: Keep Your Crises Small

Ironing out the little problems can make it so companies can avoid big disasters. Recorded: January 31, 2007 Related Article: ...


Edward's Story: A Johnstown Flood Survivor

Sample of a possible use of digital storytelling in the classroom: in researching family histories or specific ancestors, students engage in writing, researching, ...


Photography Techniques: Photojournalism Tips From Ed Kashi

Award-winning photojournalist Ed Kashi joins us today on the Marc Silber Show to share tips on advancing your photography. His photojournalism work has ...


Brian Puspos @BrianPuspos Choreography - Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran @EdSheeran

Same girl. Different vibe. Unique concept. Am I dancing for what I already have or for what I want? Ed Sheeran in my opinion is one of the greatest song writers ...


Lyrics Logic and Lullabies Ed Verner storytelling singer songwriter trailer Lyrics Logic and Lullabies Ed Verner storytelling singer ...


Photojournalism tutorial: Planning a photo story |

Explore the steps Paul Taggart follows in building a photo story, including research and storyboarding. Watch more at ...


If You Have a Great Character but no Plot

Creative writing blog: Buy a solomation T-shirt! All profits go toward making ...


Filmmaking Progress: Part 3 - Storytelling?

This week we're looking back on the things I've learned from my filmmaking projects over the last few months. BLOG POST: ...


"Algebra in Everyday Situations" Digital Storytelling: Ed Tech and Design

This video contains a story that uses Algebra to solve the question that lies within.


Story Jumper Tutorial

This is a simple, fast, and fun site. The Web 2.0 tool is designed for studetns to read and create books of their own.


WeVideo Lesson: Create a personal narrative with WeVideo

This video is part of a blog series on how to create a personal narrative. Check it out at ...


What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling is a great tool for students, teachers and anyone who wants to tell their story. This short video gives insight into what a Digital Story is, check it ...


Underneath Your Love

Underneath Your Love” is a short love story that I wrote and directed. Most Cinderella stories have evil stepsisters playing as the villain, but my take on this ...

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