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What is a Tissue? This is a tutorial/lecture explaining the definition of a Biological Tissue. We cover some topics important for classes such as Biology, ...


Microscopy: Dark Field, Phase Contrast, Polarization and DIC (Edward Salmon)

This lecture describes various methods of generating contrast in biological specimens using transmitted light (ie. without staining or fluorescence). Principles of ...


Biology Cells Organelles Unit Powerpoint for Educators - Download www science powerpoint .com

This is Part IV/IV of an Infectious Diseases and Cellular Biology Life Science Unit that can be downloaded at Please visit ...


Microscope Calibration: a short tutorial [New version]

Credits: Special thanks to Dr. Paula Wilson (York University) for supervising the making of this tutorial and making recommendations on improving the ...


How to stain a slide



Wisk vs A Carbohydrate Stain

The next installment of the Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology Experiments! Mommy Brain and her Twin Testers attack a Carbohydrate (Ketchup) Stain on a ...


Embedding & Sectioning Plant Specimens for Light Microscopy

A series of laboratory steps is being taken to prepare sections for observations with light microscopy including staining and mounting.


How to Do a Chameleon Fecal Float

How to detect parasites by doing a Fecal Float. Items you will need: Gloves Fecal Solution (Fecal-med or Fecalsol) Eye Dropper Syringe or bottle Fecalizer Glass ...


Diseases Quiz Game - Download Powerpoint at

This is video is one small part of an educational unit that covers Biology Topics associated with infectious diseases and cells. The Powerpoint version of this ...


Emergent Patterns: exploring the intersection of art & science

Professors Ed Kerns in art, Elaine Reynolds in biology/neuroscience, and Chun Wai Liew in computer science collaborate with one another and students in ...


FACS -- שיטה לאפיון ומיון של תאים

להסבר מלא כנסו אל - זהו סרטון מתוך המדור 'מאגר מדע' של האתר דוידסון און-ליין. דוידסון און-ליין הוא...


Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) - Multi-Lingual Captions

This short animation demonstrates enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to measure specific antibodies. This resource was developed by Cary ...


Download Microbiology: An Introduction 11th Edition PDF for Free

Download for free: Since the publication of the first edition nearly 30 years ago, well over one million students have used ...


slide microscope test

Moving a color slide around in front of cheap iPhone miscroscope setup made of a lens, foam tape, and some scrap plastic.


NYU CHIBI Dr Fenyo Proteomic Informatics: Identification and Quantitation of Proteins 2012 10 12

This lecture will give an overview of proteomics and mass spectrometry workflows, experimental design and data analysis including protein identification using ...


Gelatin Zymography - Amrita University

For more Information @ ▷ Amrita Virtual Lab Project website ▷ Learn ...


Digifest NYC 2013: Behind the Scenes & More!

A montage of clips captured from Digifest in NYC this past weekend. Sorry for the horrendous quality. Someone hire me a cameraman. And give me a tripod.


AutoNeuron - Interactive automatic neuron tracing

In this video, a 3D image stack of a filled neuron imaged in brightfield, is traced with AutoNeuron 5. The software allows you to pick a start point and an end point ...



本家はこちら ImageJは、NIHが開発した画像解析フリーウェアです。 本ツールを利用して、TIFF・JPEGなど多くの形で保存された画...


Electrophoresis: Basics


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