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Trout Trolling Tutorial #2 Irvine Lake

Professional Guide and local expert, Captain "Kewly" Zimara, talks about trolling for trout at Irvine Lake. Lure selection, trolling speeds, windy conditions, turns and a lot more ...


Dad smoking Sockeye Salmon May 12, 2011.m4v

Smoking Salmon.


ed the spread and filter house messin around s950 sp1200

live house sax track, drums in the sp, other samples in the s950, samples tom scott and the california dreamers - today.


Rig Fly Rod for Sockeye

How to rig your rod to catch sockeye salmon at Saltery Lake Lodge.


How to Fish: Filleting a Halibut

For more fishing video clips, please visit: In this fishing video tutorial, Dan Findlow from Island Outfitters in Victoria on Vancouver ...


Elk Lake Heritage Preserve

HOFFMAN, MINNESOTA: On a beautiful and windy September day we took our cameras on a field trip along the Chippewa River. Just a few miles south of I-94 ...


How to Pronounce Salmon

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!


Neil's Big Catch

Neil Flannery wrestling a big Coho salmon on the _ river outside Chiliwack B.C. Now the questions are. Did he land the fighter? Did the fish break the line?


BBQ jack salmon

me cooking some jack salmon on the grill.


Smoking Salmon

Help us caption and translate this video on How-to on smoking salmon. this Alaskan chick smokes her salmon.


Metal Fish Art Marlin Gamefish Sculpture

Marlin fish art sculpture Gamefish favorite.


Trolling for Walleyes

A couple nice walleyes I landed on a recent trip. ... Music Provided by


Trolling for Salmon & Trout

Join Italo & Glen Meadus show you how to locate & catch mixed bag of Great Lakes fish in deep water. Produced by for Csf 28 ...


For Benny in Norway Fitting the Scales



Minnows underwater in a creek

Minnows in the creek. This is my second underwater video sorry for terrible quality.


Bwyse Halkomelem.flv

Halkomelem aboriginal language art history.


Chrome WA Summer Steelhead

Another great day on the water with XFactor Tackle. I was testing a soon to be release egg color and got a nice steelhead. Got to love some chrome! Check out ...


How to Prepare Salmon

How to Prepare Salmon.


Bison hand-carved granite sculpture by Ronald Rae

The subject was inspired by Prehistoric cave art, the drill hole in the stone suggesting a nostril. Hence the Bison emerged.


Blueberry Green Tea Smoothie

In this how-to video learn how to make blueberry green tea. This can be served either hot or cold. Then discover how to use this blueberry green tea and make a ...

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