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What is Social Design? by Bosch&Fjord

Danish designers share their views on Social Design


Social Design-related Projects in Japan - Masaaki Ikeda

What is the history of social design in Japan? Masaaki Ikeda, Creative Director, Tokyo Changemakers and Eco Plaza, speaks about social design-related ...


Project H Design founder Emily Pilloton lectures at CEDIM / part 01

Project H Design founder Emily Pilloton lectures at CEDIM.


GigaOM Structure 2011: Ed Snyder, CEO Fast Soft



Education Arcade Conf 2005 -- Creative Design

Moderated by Henry Jenkins III, MIT Comparative Media Studies Discussion of the successful elements that go into a game that's both creatively imaginative and ...


Design/Education Lecture 1/14

This is part 1 of 14 of a lecture on the relationship between Education and Design in and beyond the Hong Kong context. I delivered it in July 2008 to about 150 ...


Oneupweb : Augmented Reality : The StraightUp Rocket Oneupweb is a leader in digital marketing. Search. Social. Design. It's what we do. We also like augmented reality. Check out our augmented ...


How to Get a Job as a Graphic Designer

Links etc in the Description Below: Support me by purchasing my design resources: Stay up to date by ...


FIXING ACADEMIC RESEARCH---for real impact, for read articles

How do we know that academic research needs fixing? 1) the most statistically valid and reliable models, when implemented sincerely do not work 2) the article ...


GEDS: Intro to Social Dimension

This is an introduction to the Social Dimension of the GEDS. This is a pilot run of what will become a series of overviews for online EDE Courses. Produced and ...


Neukom Institute presents Ge Wang: Music, Computing, People

Music, Computing, People: An Emerging Dimension for Engaging One Another Creatively, Expressively, and Socially. The computer, in its many shapes and ...


Make your Elgg social networking site beautiful with a theme from

Social networking sites are a great way to earn ad revenue. We've found that the best script for creating a social networking site is Elgg. Here we show you how ...


Zeitgeist- The Summary (Final cut)

This film features an interview with Peter Joseph, the hugely successful director of the internet film phenomenon Zeitgeist: The Movie which has had millions of ...


How Mobile Transforms Any Business - Rudy De Waele at Eurovision Media Summit Brussels, May 30 2013

My talk on "How Mobile Transforms Any Business" at Eurovison Media Summit in Brussels on May 30 2013. From Entertainment, News & Publishing, Finance, ...


Trampoline House - How Much Money Do You Spend in a Week?

A video by the Asylum Dialog Tank - 2009. The Asylum Dialog Tank (ADT) is a social experiment. We believe that it is possible to change the conditions for ...


Toplumla konuşmak için tasarım lazım!: Rauf Kösemen at TEDxReset 2014

RAUF KÖSEMEN Tasarımcı / Designer Toplumla Konuşmak için Tasarım Lazım! / Design Matters When Calling Out to Society Uzun süre okumuş, sonunda ...


Grandassa models, Naturally 62 & the Business of Black is Beautifull

Video- Black is Beautiful yet there were no jet Models in Jet and no ebony Models in EBONY- This unedited video was taped on the 50th Anniversary... and picks ...


TEDxPhoenix - Anne Quito - Double Ds for a Change

About Anne Quito - Anne Quito was a speaker at TEDGlobal 2010 in Oxford, where she talked about the rediscovery of forgotten art collections. She is also the ...


Probing Needs & Prototyping Solutions: DT4EdTech

You understand the basics of "Design Thinking," and you're ready to start looking at how we can better apply educational technology to streamlining processes ...


Art in the Global Village with the Abla Interactive Method

The St. Augustine Initiative for Compassion was the sponsor for Mohamed's Interactive Art Event - "Seeing Others As We See Ourselves" ...

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