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Blauäugig Pleiadians aka Nordic Aliens used by the Paulicians to control Amerika, EU, USSR

The Biggest Secret -- Dualistic Paulicians are using the Blauäugig Pleiadians aka Nordic Aliens aka Alzheimer's Anunnaki to covertly mine all Gold, Uranium ...


This And That (Edward Thompson lead)

"This and That" Edward Thompson lead Faith Christian Center Choir Rec. 11-11-07.


Is Your Style Preppy?

We've got another installment of our We Spy Style series! How do you know if you're preppy? We're breaking down the prepster style - in all its J.Crew-loving, ...


01 Yuya Ota - Knife [Glacial Movements]

Download: Subscribe: Official stream from Glacial Movements. Distributed by Kudos Records.


Is Lucy a Drama Queen?

This weeks theme is Drama Queen. Lucy (AKA Kaelyn) Returns! Is Lucy a Drama Queen? You decide! This is just a skit, it is not real! Thanks for watching! :)

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