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Il degrado Pompei ed Ercolano! Autogrill, immondizia e cacca!!! UNA STORIA VERA

Ho visitato recentemente questi due famosissimi e unici scavi di cui il nostro Paese dovrebbe andare fiero e tutelarli come un patrimonio dal valore inestimabile.


Arts Book Review: Art History Portable Book 1: Ancient Art (4th Edition) (Art History Portable Ed... This is the summary of Art History Portable Book 1: Ancient Art (4th Edition) (Art History Portable Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, ...


World's Most Famous Buildings 2 St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice (1063--1071), one of the great examples of Byzantine architecture, was begun in the 9th century.


Byzantine Art- The Byzantine Cross-early Christian and Byzantine art

Byzantine Art- The Byzantine Cross - Byzantine art is the artistic products of the Eastern Roman, or Byzantine, Empire, as well as the nations and states that ...


Ten Books on Architecture (FULL Audiobook)

Ten Books on Architecture Marcus VITRUVIUS POLLIO (80-70 BC - c. 15 BC), translated by Morris Hicky MORGAN (1859 - 1910) ...


Art Deco Sculpture



kiseijuu music (romanesque) موسيقى انمي الطفيليات



Architectural Vaults, Le Volte Architettoniche

A practical part of a lesson about Architectural Vaults held by Wissam Wahbeh, Faculty of Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome. Una parte pratica di una ...


Leaning tower of Pisa wire steel model of Italy

10 inch leaning Tower of Pisa wire model made of solid steel. Available at Http://

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