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Richard Stallman on good things and bad things about Bitcoin

Online currency Bitcoin has now almost overtaken gold in value. A single bitcoin currently trades for one thousand two hundred dollars - just shy of an ounce of ...


Conferencia: Inclusión Digital - Richard Stallman [Español] [Parte 2/2]

Gracias a Parte 1/2:


Free software free society Richard Stallman at TEDxGeneva 2014 (SOTTOTITOLI ITALIANO)

Il talk di Richard Stallman al TedX di Ginevra con sottotitoli in Italiano.


Richard Stallman signs my laptop and removes Windows 8 license YouTube

Richard Stallman signs my laptop and removes Windows 8 license YouTube Richard Stallman signs my laptop and removes Windows 8 license YouTube ...


Richard Stallman: DRM should be illegal

Richard Stallman talking about Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) at LibrePlanet conference 2013.


Richard Stallman Free v Open Source Software



'Use VPN!' Former 'Most Wanted Hacker' Mitnick talks Snowden, NSA, privacy

The ongoing leaks from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden cause more anger the more they emerge. People across the world are being shown just how ...


Itunes 10 Ubuntu Install Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to install Itunes easily on Ubuntu. If you have any questions just write it below in the comments section. I have made a part 2 that I ...


The vi/vim editor - Lesson 1 An introductory tutorial on how to use the vi/vim editor, including how to open a file, insert text, write the text to a file, and quit vi. Please ...


Alex Jones and Richard Stallman - Restricting the internet 1/4

Alex talks with software freedom activist, software developer, and founder of the GNU Project, Richard Stallman about the future of the internet.


Synth Basics - Fundamentals - Gaia SH-01

In this series of videos I wanted share some of how I breakdown the basics of synth programming. I'm not focusing on any of the usual nerd speak associated ...


[ED] Aula 05 - Listas pt.3 - Implementando Lista Estática - Programação Descomplicada

PARA COMENTÁRIOS, SUGESTÕES E MATERIAIS ACESSE: Programação Descomplicada Linguagem: C ...


Richard Stallman - All that is linux pt2



"Hacktivisme" comme défense des libertés individuelles - M.Ricca

Swiss Students For Liberty reçoit pour sa première conférence M. Marco Ricca entrepreneur et cyber-hacktiviste. Depuis Richard Stallman jusqu'à Edward ...


Revolution OS ITA - Il documentario sul mondo del software libero

Link al blog: Linux News Italia: Revolution OS è un documentario statunitense ...


Mesh Processing: Decimation

This tutorial shows one of the filters that can be used for he decimation of a triangula mesh: Quadric Edge Collapse.


Tutorial sobre Medio Ambiente



Carlo von Lynx - Secure Share. Safe social interaction

A talk given by Carlo von Lynx about Secure Share (, a framework for sufficiently safe social interaction. "This is the video from the talks ...


Tutorial Jon "Maddog" Hall [CONEIS] [2012] [ESPAÑOL-INGLÉS]

Gracias a Solo audio en español de calidad:


Tutorial: Come installare gli aggiornamenti su Ubuntu 13.04

Tutorial su come installare gli aggiornamenti di Ubuntu 13.04 a cura del team di

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