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Rudolf Steiner: What is Ethical Individualism? Ethical Individualism was described by Rudolf Steiner in 1894, in his Philosophy of Freedom. While Rudolf Steiner was born a ...


Paul De Burst - Starling In My Heart [Official © 2012]

Paul De Burst was born on June, 08, 1996. Paul was born though and in family, where not very much that and love music, but nevertheless it prevented to ...


Michael D. Barnwell, Ph.D. (Philosophy)

Dr. Mike Barnwell, associate professor of philosophy, enjoys spending time with his children, playing guitar and, yes, working with students. He says that ...


Logic & The Brain

Hannes Leitgeb (MCMP/LMU) gives a lecture at the Carl-Friedrich-von-Siemens-Stiftung titled "Logic and the Brain".


Philosophy of Educational Thoughts & Values

This video is a compilation of philosophical thoughts and values regarding education. It was created for an Educational Foundations class (EFDT 435) at the ...


All About - Philosophy of mathematics (Extended)

What is Philosophy of mathematics? A documentary report all about Philosophy of mathematics for homework/assignment. The philosophy of mathematics is the ...





Philosophy 2020 (001): Basic Logic. Youtube Lecture 2 - Introducing SL

In this 15-minute lecture we introduce Sentential Logic (SL) and explore the creation and meaning of some expressions of SL.


The Num8er My5teries

In this lecture Professor Marcus du Sautoy - mathematician, footballer and amateur musician - shows how mathematicians have contributed to our ...


Philosophy of Logic Part 1 (1 of 6)

An introduction to the philosophy underlying the discipline of logic.


York Circle - Three Pillars of Argumentation

Speaker: Professor Michael Gilbert, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Three Pillars of Argumentation Argumentation is ...


Brian Miller - Philosophy and Magic mini lecture

Mini lecture on philosophy and magic, presented by Brian Miller. Note: the philosophy in this video is being described *extremely* generally for the interest of ...


Square Root of Complex Numbers

Understanding De Moivre's theorem and using it to find the square root of complex numbers.

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