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Using CALI Tutorials Where I Disagree with the Content, Interpretation or Method of Presentation?

From the 2004 CALI Conference for Law School Computing Audience: Law Faculty Technical Level: Low Many law professors experience some frustration with ...


Martial Law 2014 Arizona - Obama's America!

Martial law is starting in Arizona 2014. What is this world coming to? Is there anything we can do to stop Obama's martial law? With Big Brother always looking ...


The Government cant every stop Quantitative Easing

join Joe and Any Gause Money Mana nd economist on Five Reasons the Quantitative Easing Program Will Never End. AND Joe deals with War On Words: NYC ...



From the 2004 CALI Conference for Law School Computing Audience: Technical Level: Hackers, stalkers, thieves, snoopers, spiders, and the Patriot Act. All of ...


PIT RADIO Show #4- Constitution and Bill of Rights

In this fourth installment of Patriotic In the Trenches radio we break down the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in a question and answer format. We also relay ...


Comandante Zero :: [Live Performance Production Sampler]

3-14-2009 Clash of the Artists show held by Art For Progress. Announced by Ohadd Matibag-Gefen Music by Comandante Zero Cameras by Morgan Goldin and Ed Parada.


Homeland Security Certificate Program @ Hudson County Community College Short Version

The Community Ed Dept. @ Hudson County Community College in Jersey City is offering a Homeland Security Certificate. The certificate credits are transferable ...


Act Naturally

Ed Greenwald - Drums, Lead Vocal Ian Ballard - Rhythm Guitar - Harmony Vocal Marc Weller - Lead Guitar Tom Griffin - Bass Written by Johnny Russell and ...


How to Choose Your Presidential Candidate

Below is a list of resources used for this Civics project. Picture Sources: 52.40, BugBoy. Blank World Map. N.d. Blank World Map, Unknown. Wikipedia. Web.


Datagate, attraverso la rete gli Usa spiavano il mondo

"Mi impegno a fornire ai nostri servizi di intelligence e alle forze dell'ordine gli strumenti... Euronews, il canale all news più seguito in Europa. Abbonati a ...


The NSA and surveillance ... made simple-animation

The NSA and surveillance ... made simple - animation Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Confused about the NSA revelations... Do you wonde... The NSA files: ...


Interview w/ Chris Borgia independent US Senate candidate Florida 2012 6/15/2012 (3pm Friday) interview hosted by Thomas w/ - w/ Chris Borgia - a qualified no party ...


Fair is Fair │Jacob's Pillow Talk

Discussion of copyright and fair use best practices for curators, archivists, documentary filmmakers, librarians and other collectors of dance-related materials.


Magnetic Field Tests - Diametrical, Axial & Radial (Part 1 of 2)

Albert Roy Davis & Walter Rawls Geometrically Coded Magnets CMR http://www.


Walk For Liberty Day 172 - The Glass As Half Full As a Life Attitude & The Liberty Movement Click to purchase from Amazon and help out the Walk For Liberty! If you make a purchase, the Walk For Liberty will receive a ...


The Role of States and Cities in Regulating the Internet

The Role of States and Cities in Regulating the Internet Thursday, April 28, 2005 12:00 -- 1:30 pm Mike Mansfield Room (Room S-207) of the U.S. Capitol ...


Karine from Emission Impossible (1 of 2)

Conversation with Karine from Emission Impossible. Karine used to work as a lawyer and is now making ...


New bill introduced to aid unemployed 99ers Feb 9th

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, and Robert Scott, D-Va., said at a Washington, D.C. press conference today that they would introduce a bill that is similar to one ...


Faire des points de suite avec Tabulation - Word 2010

Si vous avez des suggestions ou des remarques je suis preneur ,Mouncef.


It Takes a Village...and a Stage Director: Considerations for Multi-point Teleconferenced Classes

From the 2004 CALI Conference for Law School Computing Audience: Technical Level: A teleconferenced classroom is not just a solo performance.

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