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RadCam II HD Video of "Electric Guitar" in a 5 MeV Particle Accelerator

A shielded High Definition video camera setup was created by one of our team members, Todd Johnson, to capture HD video of objects while they were being ...


What's an algorithm? - David J. Malan

View full lesson: An algorithm is a method of solving problems both big and small.


Minecraft Mod Tutorials - Universal Electricity - ICBM (Deutsch HD)

Ihr wollt eure Welt stilvoll zerstören? ICBM hat die passenden Sprengsätze und Raketen dafür! Mod-Name: ICBM Vogestellte Version: 1.0.5 Webseite: ...


What is the World Wide Web? - Twila Camp

View full lesson: The World Wide Web is used every day by millions of people for everything ...


Minecraft Voltz Tutorial Update: Antimatter and Large Hadron Collider

Skotyyy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update for mods in Voltz ---------------------------------------------------...


Things You Can Do With A Particle Accelerator Kopyası

Specialising in particle physics and accelerator physics, researcher and science communicator Suzie Sheehy explains particle accelerators and demonstrates ...


Voltz Tutorial - Theoretical Elementizer

Ed ecco il Theoretical Elementizer un piccolo macchinario poco dispendioso che ci fornisce due piccoli oggetti in grado di poter cambiare il tempo e le ...


Minecraft Tutorial - Massima Velocità!

Come raggiungere la massima velocità su Minecraft!


Transmuting Base Metals Into Gold

Chrysopoeia, the artificial production of gold is the symbolic goal of alchemists. Alchemists often understood this as a metaphor for a mystical, philosophical, ...


Coral Castle - Ed's Quarry

My shades fell in, I had to get them... Right? I still feel the magic all around me. It was an amazing honor to stand there. One I will never forget.


XXI SINFO - João Silva & Derek Mathieson - CERN: From an IT Perspective The Talk: Information technologies, in all its forms, are key to CERN's ...


Miniature Wide-Angle Lens & Tabletop Accelerator - LIGHT MATTERS 10/2/13

This week on Light Matters: lasers help shrink a particle accelerator, we bring you the latest LED news from the Radtech conference, and we explore a new ...


Principal Quantum Number

This is a quick tutorial on how to determine the principal quantum number in electron configurations. Originally posted on


Minecraft voltz - Nuclear Missile Test

In our survival server we tested the nuke missile , this is a Tier 3 explosive. The final outcome is nice - the target area become highly radiated and almost erased.


How can technology transform the human body? - Lucy McRae

TED Fellow Lucy McRae is a body architect -- she imagines ways to merge biology and technology in our own bodies. In this visually stunning talk, she shows ...


PIC16 Microcontrollers, Unit 20a, Ch. 5; Topic: Ping Pong Project Fabrication Process

Lecture on "Intro to Microprocessors" using Wilmshurst's "Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers 2nd Ed." Chapter 5 Topics: Ping Pong Project ...


Parodies | TED Education | How Acids and Bases Work

Ever heard of acids and bases?


Selected Originals - Mightiest Atom Smasher (1952)

Selected originals (offcuts, selected scenes, out-takes, rushes) for story "Mightiest Atom Smasher" 52/45. Material for newsreel story - American voiceover ...


SMW Cool or Cruel (C|C) Forky playthrough

Quite a huge jump in difficulty from the previous stages. It is also the most difficult stage (no duh!), and you could probably tell that just from watching. I think it is ...


Documentary on Quantum theory HD

In theoretical physics, quantum field theory (QFT) is a theoretical framework for constructing quantum mechanical models of subatomic particles in particle ...

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