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Lecture 1 | Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics (Stanford)

Lecture 1 of Leonard Susskind's Modern Physics course concentrating on Quantum Mechanics. Recorded January 14, 2008 at Stanford University. This Stanford ...


Time Dilation and Length Contraction [Modern Physics: 2nd Year University Tutoring]

Special Relativity's most famous equations are those relating to time dilation and length contraction. This video goes over both equations and introduces you ...


Michelson Morley Experiment & Special Relativity [Modern Physics: 2nd Year University Tutoring]

A brief explanation including calculations and derivations for the Michelson Morley Experiment performed in 1887. This experiment used a light beam directed at ...


Galilean Transformation For Position & Velocity - Special Relativity [Modern Physics]

As an introduction to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity we derive the equations for the Galilean Transformation for Position and the Galilean Transformation ...


Relativistic Doppler Shift [Modern Physics: 2nd Year University Tutoring]

Another important equation in Special Relativity is the Relativistic Doppler Shift. This is an introduction to that equation and we run through a simple example ...


The Periodic Table: Crash Course Chemistry #4

Hank gives us a tour of the most important table ever, including the life story of the obsessive man who championed it, Dmitri Mendeleev. The periodic table of ...


Fivebranes and Knots | Edward Witten

Edward Witten (Princeton, IAS) KITP Aug 17, 2010 'Fivebranes and Knots' lecture given by Edward Witten at the KITP Miniprogram: Langlands-Type Dualities in ...


Lecture - 1 Introduction to Basic Electronics

Lecture Series on Basic Electronics by Prof. T.S.Natarajan, Department of physics, IIT Madras For more Courses visit


Zeeman Effect Apparatus

Holmarc's Zeeman Effect Apparatus, Model: HO-ED-S-04A is designed for the determination of e/m ratio, which requires knowledge in optics, mechanics, ...


Lecture 1 | Programming Methodology (Stanford)

Help us caption and translate this video on Lecture by Professor Mehran Sahami for the Stanford Computer Science ...


Schrödinger's Cat

No cats were harmed in the making of this video. Tweet it - Facebook it - minutephysics is now on Google+ ...


AlgTop0c: Introduction to Algebraic Topology (cont.)

This is the third video of the introductory lecture of a beginner's course in Algebraic Topology. The subject is one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of 20th ...


Lecture 1 | Machine Learning (Stanford)

Lecture by Professor Andrew Ng for Machine Learning (CS 229) in the Stanford Computer Science department. Professor Ng provides an overview of the course ...


Statistical Mechanics Lecture 1

(April 1, 2013) Leonard Susskind introduces statistical mechanics as one of the most universal disciplines in modern physics. He begins with a brief review of ...


PHY131 Preclass 5

Summary of important ideas to be familiar with before class. Based on Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics and ...


Mathematics - Multivariable Calculus - Lecture 1

Multivariable Calculus Instructor: Edward Frenkel course website:


MnCOSE14 Physics Strand Speaker

Let the Experts be the Guide. What Would a Physics Classroom Look Like if Designed by the Pillars of Ed Pscych??" Physics Strand Speaker • Dr. Tom Brown, ...


Chapter 2 Giancoli Example Problem

This tutorial walks you through a physics problem every student should learn how to solve. Car traveling between two lamp posts with constant acceleration.


MOOC @ Taylor's University Lecture 2 : Entrepreneurship by Prof. Mushtak Al-Atabi

Watch the first Lecture here: Lecture 2 - Recorded on 10th April 2013 Join this course for free at ...


Mass Physics Video

This is a WIP of an old video i finished, but unfortunately deleted and is now gone.. The beautiful song is called "Welcome" off the NeoTokyo OST, made by Ed ...

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