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Demo - Square Card Reader from

Hey guys! This video demonstrates the Square Card Reader from the folks at Along with your iPhone, iPad, and Android device, you're able to ...


A game theoretical approach to the EMV ED interface

This is a screen cast for a talk I'll be giving at EURO 2012 ( and ORAHS 2012 ( I trip over my ...


MasterCard News: What is Chip Technology (EMV)?

Hear from Carolyn Balfany, SVP, Product Development -- EMV, as she explains: a) what it is and b) how it will benefit the entire payments ecosystem.


Aconite EMV webinar - Broadband.m4v

Aconite's advice to EMV Card Issuers in the N American market.


Zebra ZXP3 Cleaning Instructions

How to clean the ZXP3 card printer from Zebra.


Fernando Martin, A molecular interferometer to decode electron and nuclear dynamics......

Fernando Martin, Autonomous University of Madrid, during the workshop of "Ultrafast atomic and molecular physics with cutting-edge light sources: New ...


HammerTek Plastic Pellets Demonstration

Demonstration of hammertek Smart Elbow using plastic pellets. WWW.CHADASALES.COM.


VMware 2012 Posters- THANKS!

In this video, see the new VMware ESXi 5 Reference and the PowerCLI 5 Posters, thanks to the great people at


SmartPad 810c - Android ICS 4.0.3

Prime impressioni su ICS Android 4.0.3 fornita da Prestigio ATTENZIONE!! Non è la rom ufficiale di Mediacom! Nonostante ciò è uscita anche l'originale. Visitate ...


Magnetic Card Express by Astor

The Magnetic cards is the renewal of an old classical trick. While in the old version of the trick both hands are used, in the new one only one hand is needed, and ...


Makeup for Driver's License!



Magnetic cards explanation

Learn how to do the magnetic cards. Enjoy!


Lisa DeLuca - Arduino, Bluetooth, and Apache Cordova

Many people recognize Apache Cordova for the core features it provides that allow mobile developers to create hybrid mobile applications using their favorite ...


Smart Card for Mac Part 2: Architecture & Authentication Flow 3/4

Apple provides a basic smart card infrastructure that Centrify has leveraged to provide stronger, Active Directory-based authentication and transparent singl...


What are the Differences between the New York Conditional and Restricted Driver's License? This video is about New York State's conditional and restricted driver's licenses. your privileges were suspended or revoked, you have ...

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