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Demo - Square Card Reader from

Hey guys! This video demonstrates the Square Card Reader from the folks at Along with your iPhone, iPad, and Android device, you're able to ...


Charge a Credit Card using Stripe and ASP.Net C#

Did my video save you time? Buy me a beer: In ...


What is EMV? - TSYS Merchant Solutions

As of October 1, 2015, merchants will be subjected to new Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) standards. This change reflects a shift from magnetic-stripe ...


Using a RPi and a swipe-card reader to turn on a light

Little proof-of-concept idea. The Pi takes input from the card-reader, parses it to identify my student ID, and if it is recognised as mine it triggers a light to come on.


DEFCON 18: Hardware Hacking for Software Guys 1/4

Speaker: Dave King Hardware hacking is cool, but it can be daunting to software guys. Microcontrollers mix hardware and software basically allowing software ...


Atm Skimmer for sale Wincor , NCR , MSR206

Hello , I do have for sale ATM Skimmer + Reader/Writer . NCR Skimmer USB - GSM -700 Euro Wincor , Wincor slim USB - Gsm - 700 Euro The Skimmer ...


Kier, US Navy Entertainment, Singapore Part 2

Kier comedy and music event for the personnel of the US Navy and their families. Held in Singapore. FOH - Yamaha MSR400 Stage Monitors - Yamaha ...


Nvidia Pure video decoder

Get the serial! Here are the instructions: Step 1) Download it here: ...


Connect your old TV with Arduino Best Way to connect a Aruino with your old TV . Granted the Arduino is only powerful enough to produce a black and white picture ...


Aconite EMV webinar - Broadband.m4v

Aconite's advice to EMV Card Issuers in the N American market.


37) HACK any hotel lock!

So you have maid key card to room but door is lock with massive lock? No worry because it possible to still have access! Ivekt has been traveling lots of month ...


HammerTek Plastic Pellets Demonstration

Demonstration of hammertek Smart Elbow using plastic pellets. WWW.CHADASALES.COM.


Mag Card Troubles

You get to the checkout line and swip your card... Denied. But you know it's good. Is there a way to solve your purchasing predicament?


VMware 2012 Posters- THANKS!

In this video, see the new VMware ESXi 5 Reference and the PowerCLI 5 Posters, thanks to the great people at


Keyless Access Card Entry Video

This is a helpful video starring MoHi's very own Melissa Smith-Wilson on how to use the keyless access card to open, close, and lock your doors.


SmartPad 810c - Android ICS 4.0.3

Prime impressioni su ICS Android 4.0.3 fornita da Prestigio ATTENZIONE!! Non è la rom ufficiale di Mediacom! Nonostante ciò è uscita anche l'originale. Visitate ...


TV B GONE - ARDUINO - universal infrared device

test di un piccolo programma per arduino, che è in grado di spegnere e accendere quasi tutti i dispositivi esistenti al mondo, comandati via infrarossi.


ATM Skimming

ATM Skimming.


Printing Magnum Magnetics flexible magnet sheet on an HP Indigo 7000 press

It's easy to print magnets on an HP Indigo 7000 press using Magnum Magnetics printable flexible magnet. Magnum offers flexible magnets that can be printed on ...


Magnetic Card Express by Astor

The Magnetic cards is the renewal of an old classical trick. While in the old version of the trick both hands are used, in the new one only one hand is needed, and ...

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