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The Cosmic Classroom - Kepler's Laws

Explanation of Kepler's laws.


Learn CUDA in an Afternoon: an Online Hands-on Tutorial

Dr Alan Gray, EPCC, The University of Edinburgh. See for the accompanying information and documents.


Tutorial: Using Arduino In Eclipse

Here is a tutorial for Installing Eclipse, the Arduino IDE and and a plugin for using Arduino in Eclipse. A big thank you to Jantje Baeyens for the plugin, ...


SIL'ed With A Kiss by Kepler-Rominfo

This is a video presentation for the JJupin plugin for JIRA. It was created for the Atlassian Codegeist competition. If you like it, vote for us at ...


Salman Khan - Khan Academy: Education Reimagined

NASA Ames Research Center Director's Colloquium, June 26, 2014, Moffett Field, California. The Khan Academy is revolutionizing the way students learn with ...


How To Add SVN (Subclipse) Version Control To Eclipse

Tutorial showing how to how to add SVN Subclipse to eclipse and how to add an existing SVN repository to your work space. The same steps can be used for ...


PHP Editor for PHP Development (Eclipse) (PDT)

PHP Tutorial: How to setup up and run free professional PHP Editor eclipse for PHP development. (Using PDT Plugin to turn eclipse into a PHP IDE) The same ...


Subversion Branch Merge Tutorial

Subversion Branch/Merge can cause quite a few headaches when working with SVN. We created this tutorial to lay down some easy to follow best practices and ...


Creare Applicazioni Android - Tutorial 4 - Creare e Settare un Progetto Android

IMPORTANTE!! Allora ragazzi nel video c'è un errore!! Purtroppo me ne sono accorto solo nel tutorial successivo. Allora quando andiamo a settare la posizione ...


JavaFX - Eclipse and Scene Builder Basics

Software used in this tutorial: Java JDK 7 - You need to set "JAVA_HOME" system variable, and point it to the folder where you installed JDK 7 JavaFX Scene ...


Mosaic of Moon via JTW Astronomy Kepler CCD camera with Skywatcher Explorer

Visit us at or find us on Facebook. This is a mosaic made from 4 separate films of 200 frames. These were stacked with Registax ...


Science Book Review: Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy (2nd Edition) by Edward E. Prat... This is the summary of Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy (2nd Edition) by Edward E. Prather, Tim P. Slater, Jeff P.


Creare Applicazioni Android - Tutorial 6 - Introduzione ai Layout in XML

Ciao a tutti ragazzi! In questo sesto tutorial inizieremo a vedere come sono formati i layout di un app Android, quindi inizieremo a vedere come funziona l'XML.


Khan Academy: The future of education?

With the backing of Gates and Google, Khan Academy and its free online educational videos are moving into the classroom and across the world. Their goal: to ...


Kepler CF - Codegeist 2012 Entry

Kepler Custom Fields - Codegeist 2012 Entry -Sound by : the nice people at -


Java Packages in Eclipse Tutorial

We show ho to create new packages and use them.


The ED Show - New Canadian pipeline, new environmental problems

July 31, 2014 Newly proposed “Sandpiper” pipeline could have serious environmental problems and implications for those living near the Minnesota Wetlands ...


Tutorial InDesign: Velocizzare Il Flusso Di Lavoro Con Lo Strumento Applicazione Rapida

Scarica la guida per imparare ad usare InDesign: In questo video tutorial Marco Toscano ti spiega come usare lo strumento applicazione rapida di InDesign per...


Overclocking the EVGA GTX 650Ti BOOST SC with EVGA Precision X 4.0 Tutorial

The GTX 650Ti BOOST is a video card based on the GK106 GPU from NVIDIA. EVGA has "superclocked" this GTX 650Ti BOOST with a 1072 MHz core clock ...


MSI GTX 650Ti Power Edition - Overclocking with MSI Afterburner Tutorial

Full review: The MSI GTX 650Ti Power Edition video card is designed for ...

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