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"Over a Barrel" (Ed Show 6/15/11)

Senator Sanders discusses speculation in the oil futures market that's keeping gas prices artificially high.


What transformation problem? 1 of 3

I know that many of you are clamoring for more videos on crisis theory. This video began as a minor tangent to my crisis series and ballooned into a major ...


A Visual Guide to The Economy, by hbl - Updates and Discussion of Macroeconomic Visualizations - by "hbl", a software engineer long fascinated by macroeconomics. The functioning or ...


Microsoft Anti Trust Case - Review of students from UDD SCL

A quick review of microsoft anti trust case.


Perspectives on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: David Cheriton and Ken Xie 02/23/2012

Organizer: HYSTA, Churchill Club Sponsors: Slicon Valley Bank Date&Time: 5:30PM -- 8:30PM, Thursday, Febrary 23, 2012 Speakers: David Cheriton, ...

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