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Genomic libraries

This is a tutorial/lecture where we talk about Genomic libraries. We cover some topics important for classes such as Biology (High School and College Levels), ...


The Noncoding Genome: Finding Treasures in our Junk DNA

The sequencing of the human genome provided a template with encrypted sequences within that are the code for life. The genome sequence has allowed us to ...


Bioinformatics Tutorials (Lesson 5):Using SABLE program to predict protein secondary structure

In this tutorial i'll be showing how to use SABLE program to predict protein secondary structure from its amini acid sequence, for more informations about this ...


Using Genomes to Track the Evolution of Life on Earth and Beyond

Visit: James A. Lake, Distinguished Professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology and Human Genetics, is a UCLA scientist whose ...


Jim Kent: The UCSC Genome Browser


Data Analysis for Genomics | HarvardX on edX | About Video

Data Analysis for Genomics Data Analysis for Genomics will teach students how to harness the wealth of genomics data arising from new technologies, such as ...


Secrets of Plant Genomes Revealed! - Corn, the Dynamic Genome

Corn is a pretty amazing grain, and its genomes tell a fascinating tale about what makes this plant grow. Secrets of Plant Genomes: Revealed! takes viewers on ...


Scientists Complete Largest Sequenced Genome Yet

Researchers sequenced the loblolly pine's 22 billion base pairs, the largest sequenced genome yet. The human genome only has 3 billion base pairs. Follow ...


Toradora - Orange Piano tutorial

toradora synthesia piano tutorial - Orange mid: pdf: transcribed by ...


Autodock Vina video tutorial

This video is uploaded by DrugMol Informatics details out how to install AutoDock Vina Tools and run molecular docking and analysis on Windows OS XP/7.


CARTA: Culture-Gene Interactions: Gregory Wray-Genomic Basis for Dietary Shifts

Visit: As our australopithecine ancestors moved out of receding rain forests and into drier habitats, they abandoned a primarily fruit-based diet ...


Python Programming Tutorial - 1 - Installing Python

Visit my website at for all of my videos and tutorials! Have questions or looking for source code? Check out the forum at ...


TED-Ed Website Tour

The TED-Ed team provides an in depth look at the powerful features of the newly-launched TED-ED Beta website. You'll learn how TED-Ed videos are created, ...


New Strategies for Decoding Genomes

Air date: Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 3:00:00 PM Time displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local Category: Wednesday Afternoon Lectures ...


The NHGRI Bioinformatics Research Portfolio - Vivien Bonazzi

September 9, 2013 - National Advisory Council for Human Genome More:


Exploring disease genetics from thousands of individual genomes with Gemini; SciPy 2013 Presentation

Authors: Quinlan, Aaron, University of Virginia; Paila, Uma, University of Virginia; Chapman, Brad, Harvard School of Public Health; Kirchner, Rory, Track: ...


Participant Access to Research Data: Jeff Carroll and Ed Wild

The GET Conference is an annual event for people working at the frontiers of human biology. We invite leading thinkers to discuss the important ways in which ...


How to fossilize...yourself - Phoebe A. Cohen

View full lesson: You can aspire to great things in life, but how about in death? Could you be ...


How to Create Lessons on Ted Ed

A tutorial on how to create (flip) your own lesson from a Ted Ed or YouTube video. Help us caption & translate this video!


Tutorial 4: QuikChange site-directed mutagenesis (Stratagene)

Plasmid mutagenesis made easy. Make sure to use a Tm calculator to check the melting temperatures of your primers: ...

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