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How to sequence the human genome - Mark J. Kiel

View full lesson: Your genome, every human's genome, consists of a unique DNA ...


Genomic libraries

This is a tutorial/lecture where we talk about Genomic libraries. We cover some topics important for classes such as Biology (High School and College Levels), ...


Genomic Medicine Challenge: Translating Basic Research

Regents' Lecture, 1/24/13 The field of medicine is changing rapidly, and Genomic Medicine is at the forefront of that change. Most researchers believe genomics ...


iPlant Workshop @ 2013 CSHL PGBT Meeting - Introduction to Genome Assembly - Michael Schatz

Michael Schatz gives an overview of topics in Genome Assembly and shows how ALLPATHS as deployed in the iPlant Discovery Environment can be used for ...


Daidai Genome [Hatsune Miku]

I will try to upload daily. So vids everyday. :)


3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial - Create a Flipped Video Lesson with TedEd

Check out the full series of 3 Min Teaching with Tech Tutorials here: ...


Data Analysis for Genomics | HarvardX on edX | About Video

Data Analysis for Genomics Data Analysis for Genomics will teach students how to harness the wealth of genomics data arising from new technologies, such as ...


Scientists Complete Largest Sequenced Genome Yet

Researchers sequenced the loblolly pine's 22 billion base pairs, the largest sequenced genome yet. The human genome only has 3 billion base pairs. Follow ...


Future Talk #1, Human Genome Research

A look at human genome research, including the latest scientific developments, practical applications, and ethical issues. Guests include genetics professor ...


Natural Science II: Genomes and Diversity - Bacterial Genomes and Diversity

Mark Siegal.


New Strategies for Decoding Genomes

Air date: Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 3:00:00 PM Time displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local Category: Wednesday Afternoon Lectures ...


Natural Science II: Genomes and Diversity - Agricultural Traits: Rice, Tomatoes, Corn

Mark Siegal.


Exploring disease genetics from thousands of individual genomes with Gemini; SciPy 2013 Presentation

Authors: Quinlan, Aaron, University of Virginia; Paila, Uma, University of Virginia; Chapman, Brad, Harvard School of Public Health; Kirchner, Rory, Track: ...


Participant Access to Research Data: Jeff Carroll and Ed Wild

The GET Conference is an annual event for people working at the frontiers of human biology. We invite leading thinkers to discuss the important ways in which ...


Gene Annotation of Genomic DNA - Dr. James Bedard with students - November 4, 2010

Dr. Bedard and his students, Amber Harlan and Josh Machone, will discuss some of their recent research efforts.


Introduction to Population Genetics - Lynn Jorde (2012)

March 7, 2012 - Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2012 More:


Modelling proteins using Modeller 9.10 [Homology Modelling]

Modeller is used for homology modelling of proteins.It is a tool based on python language and runs using command line interface. A link to input and script files ...


DrumJam Tutorial

DrumJam Tutorial Il percussionista Carlo Marzo, endorser dei marchi Meinl, UFIP e Vic Firth, ...


The Human Genome Project.

Science for the Public, September 20, 2011. John Quackenbush, PhD., Professor of Computational Biology & Biostatistics, Dept of Biostatistics, Harvard School ...


Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

Compare and contrast prokaryote and eukaryote cells with the Amoeba Sisters! Music Credit: Adrian Holovaty, OverClocked ReMix ( We ...

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