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Students Practice Mapping a Crime Scene

Students in Jill Rhodes' forensic anthropology course got the chance to perform a search-and-recover mission as part of a lab. Ted Johnsen has details on the ...


MicroCT tumor segmentation with level sets

3D rendering evolution of level set used for segmentation of murine tumor with microCT. Rendering and movie with Amira. Stanford University, Edward Graves ...


Blood Spatter Trigonometry The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with ...


Bone Trauma

Lego Claymation Video on Bone Trauma for Anatomy and Physiology Final Project Please watch, SHARE, and enjoy! Video Photography, Editing, and Scenery ...


Académica vs Estoril: Conferência de Imprensa de Sérgio Conceição

Conferência de imprensa de Sérgio Conceição, no final do jogo entre a Académica e o Estoril.


Forensic Science- Directions for Biological Compounds lab

Work along side me to get this lab done and over with!


Notus four-day school week

Notus School District Superintendent Craig Woods talks about the four-day school week implemented this year at the Notus schools.


Just a Dream and Please don't go Cover-Kenneth Kidd

These Song really go together!!! Hope you enjoy!!..


Anthropology and Nutritional Sciences

This video was created as part of the digital storytelling assignment for "ANT 2000 - General Anthropology" at the University of Florida during the autumn ...


Anthropology 423: CSI and the Science of Death Investigation from Skeletal Remains

Do you like "CSI," "Criminal Minds," or "Bones"? Then Anthropology 423 is for you! Professor Dale Hutchinson teaches students from all majors how to map and ...


Estimating Post Mortem Interval, part 5 - Forensic Entomology

For an interactive, online lesson, visit: NCSSM Forensic Science Instructor Candice Chambers discusses Post Mortem Interval, a tool ...


Anthropologist Megan Moore - Effects of Body Mass on Human Skeleton This research is a continuation of previous research by Megan Moore, assistant professor of anthropology at the University ...


Frame rate impact on crime detection

Higher frame rates means an increased chance of catching the criminal in the act.


Ancient Civilizations of the Americas by Anna Guengerich 1.29.2015

Watch video of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute's winter term on January 29, “Ancient Civilizations of the Americas” by Anna Guengerich, Ph.D., Anthropology.


Theometrics - Architectural Navigation

Welcome to Theometrics, specializing in as-built, deviation and forensic studies, dimensional quality control and construction layout.


Peace Profile: Lauren Steele

Lauren Steele of Cary, N.C., graduated in May from Peace College cum laude with a double-major in anthropology and history. In the fall, she enters N.C. State's ...


Little Things - One Direction cover by Amirah Fadhlina

instagram: twitter: (@Amirahfadhlina) facebook: ...

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