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How To Do an American Accent - Part 1: Vowel Sounds | Amy Walker

How To Do a Standard American Accent - Part 1: Vowel Sounds A, E, I, O, U, Y: Learn the quirky American vowel pronunciations, including the Schwa! in this ...


Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud Cover by Julien

This is my next video :) i i think that my accent can make an error in lyrics, so i'm sorry for english people and i hope i'ts not bad. So enjoy my cover and thanks ...


3 tips for sounding like a native speaker "That'll be 66 cents please." "Sikysi... what?" Having a hard time understanding native speed English? This lesson will give you some tips ...


Teaching Learning Process (Descriptive person, thing, and place) ED Unila

English Department Unila 2010 proudly present Teaching Learning Process video. It's English Teaching Media, and the material is about Descriptive person, ...


Ed Sheeran Once Trashed A Hotel Room And Then Felt So Bad He Cleaned It All Up: "It's The Time Of Be

Ed Sheeran is proof that nice guys finish first. His first album + , sold almost four million copies and his current hit single "Sing," which features Pharrell Williams, ...


How to roll your Rs - The tried & tested way (speak Spanish, Italian, etc.)

Table of contents 1:42 - Positioning 2:40 - Rolled R Exercises 3:29 - Flipped R Exercises 6:40 - Tips 8:14 - Credits.



Become the Spider Queen and start your own army in this mod! Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends! Like my Facebook!


Toby Mac cover - Speak life



New Lyrics for Old People: Jimmy Kimmel and Iggy Azalea Translate "Fancy"

The Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has a hit song called "Fancy." It's catchy, but if you're an older listener it might be hard to catch all the slang and understand ...


Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? [Guitar Cover]

Hi everyone, My name is mitch and this is my first video on this channel, I will also be uploading vlogs later and those will be Dutch so I'm sorry for the English ...


Favoriti Vol: 2 (With English translation)

Hello, hello, hello! This is my first video with English translation, so I'm really excited!!! ^_^ This is my favourites video, with my favourite stuff of the month of ...


Saints Row 4 up to +50% More FPS │ONLY AMD Graphics │ CrossFireX

For english people: (deutsch weiter unten) Saints Row 4 more FPS. Up to +100%. First oben CCC (Catalyst Control Center). Than open - Games - 3D ...


Australian Accent i have a cultivated Australian accent. went to America and they all thought i was English. Turns out English people get laid well over ...


muslim labour party, SCARY!

the face of englands future, this muslim will give all our money away to his fellow muslims instead of true english people!


Captain San Ten Chan greets all its viewers who speak English and thank you to follow him!

Captain San Ten Chan greets all its viewers who speak English and thank you to follow him! San Ten Chan parla dei suoi vestiti de...


Lets Play: Minecraft Pocket Edition Ep.1

The start to my Minecraft Lets Play series, all from my iPad!


Attack on Titan OP 1 - Piano (Guren no Yumiya)

Hey everybody! Since there was such a big hype about it a while ago, I thought that I'd do my own cover of the Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan for you english ...


Minecraft: Pocket Edition Mod// Gun Mod

Here's a quick review and a little tutorial for the Gun Mod made by Pixeldrum. Song: Delta Heavy - Demons (I don't own any rights) Update: The mod has been ...


George Galloway on BBCQT - I Promise, The British People Will Remove The Tories 14/02/2013

14/02/2013 George Galloway on BBCQT - I Promise, The British People Will Remove The Tories David Dimbleby chairs Question Time from Leicester. On the ...


How To Do Anime Make Up (Sasuke Uchiha)

Yeah I've cosplayed him hence the contacts. I'm sorry about the liquid eyeliner you can't see alot of it. I try to remember to stay back but it's hard.... ._. I always ...

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