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China's human cloud

At Zhubajie, China's largest crowdsourcing website, company officials claim to employ more than 8 million workers, making it not only the biggest crowdsourcing ...


MAE377: CAD Presentation, Fall 2009 (Group 02, Part I)

Group member: 1. Brian Kimiecik; 2. Eric Peiffer; 3. Bhushan Karayilthekkoot; Topic: AutoCAD Inventer.


StartUp Co-Creation

Create your StartUp online, Define its Roles, Realize the Strengths and Needs - Find Business Partners, Collaborate with them - CoCreate Your Successful ...


Student Teacher Maria Abigail Rustria in PE 1 Class (Lecture)

PE1 [Foundations of Physical Fitness] class of Mr. Pio Opinaldo handled by BPE student teacher Maria Abigail Rustria [July 28, 2010] A series of uploads ...

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