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How to get out of bed in the morning: Several easy steps

A video in which Dan teaches you, if you are one of those that needs teaching, how to get up out of bed in the morning. My Links: ...


Basi di dati - Introduzione

Informazioni e dati - Basi dati e DBMS - Modelli di dati - Schemi ed istanze - Archiettura di un DBMS (13.13 anziché schema esterno schema interno) - DML e ...


Performance Tuning in Real Application Cluster by Arup Nanda (English)

This is a webinar done by Arup Nanda for LAOUC and NZOUG back in 2010.


Tips & Tricks on Tuning Slow running SQLs in PostgreSQL

Are slow running SQLs slowing down your application? Have a bad performing query and hand and don't know what to do? Learn some tips and tricks about ...


Evan At School Talent Show 2010-2011

Evan Brink playing guitar at the school talent show 2010-2011. The songs are in order: crazy train, talk dirty to me, sweet child o' mine, been there lately, beat it, ...


Disturbed man united flight 116 from Hong Kong to Newark

Disturbed man outburst on plane. Flight crew confused and took a long time to take action, like they had no training for something like this. Crew stood by as ...


Dear Darlin' - Olly Murs | Cover ft. Madi Peake

Like if you think Madi has an amazing voice and want her to do more song covers with me ;-) Heyy Peeps! My friend, Madi and I decided to make a cover of a ...


WAKO Kickboxen Berlin-Brandenburger Meisterschaft quarter final LC Herren -74Kg Philip D. - Unknown

Die Top Ten Budo Akademie e.V. bei der Berlin-Brandenburger Meisterschaft 2013.


To fly. British Airways piano



Dear Darling - Olly Murs (Piano Cover)



Somebody That I Used to Know [piano cover]

the ipad is for lyrics/chords :p.

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