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Ollie Murs Dear Darling (piano cover by.Daniel Morgan)

Not one of my best videos but I did this vid as someone requested it and if you wanna see more just ask, enjoy! if you want an improved version i can do that too.


2013-02-12 Helen Jane Long - Aviators extended piano

I couldnt find a piano version I quite like. So i played this one by ear. Its the extended version (like the on the cd) - which is in my opinion - much better than the ...


How to get out of bed in the morning: Several easy steps

A video in which Dan teaches you, if you are one of those that needs teaching, how to get up out of bed in the morning. My Links: ...


Oracle SQL Developer Major Feature Demonstration

In a few minutes watch how SQL Developer can support you in your daily Oracle database tasks including: + writing, tuning, and debugging your SQL and ...


Performance Tuning in Real Application Cluster by Arup Nanda (English)

This is a webinar done by Arup Nanda for LAOUC and NZOUG back in 2010.


17.1.13 unknown RF Microwave EMF source Morse like strange signals in my room DEW scalar NWO

17.1.13, unknown, RF, Microwave, EMF, Morse, strange signals, room, DEW, scalar, NWO, gangstalking, electronic harassment,


To fly. British Airways piano



Dear Darling - Olly Murs (Piano Cover)



The Script - Hall of Fame ft, (piano cover full version/improved)



Somebody That I Used to Know [piano cover]

the ipad is for lyrics/chords :p.

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