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infection / Chihiro Onitsuka / Piano Solo (infection/テレビ朝日系 木曜ドラマ「氷点2001」主題歌/鬼束ちひろ/ピアノソロ)

Comment 楽譜「ピアノソロ 初・中級 J-POPヒットソング2001(ヤマハ)」から、鬼束ちひろ(Chihiro Onitsuka)さん作曲の『infection』(テレビ朝日系...


Chihiro Onitsuka - Gekkou (Piano cover)

A piano cover of one of my all-time favourite Japanese songs :) Sheet music:


Gekkou Onitsuka Chihiro



Gekkou by Melody

Melody: my voice sounds less clear on this one cause my mic kept recording static noises from my computer :| so i used the noise removal on audacity...... i cant ...


[Gingitsune/ぎんぎつね OP ED] tiny lamp & Gekkou Story/月光STORY (+sheets/midi)

Sheet music/楽譜: The OP and ED of Gingitsune. tiny lamp & Gekkou STORY. I only played the first few bars of each but the sheet ...


[cover by Enys] Onitsuka Chihiro - Infection

Mhh... toughest song I ever tried out... But it was so beautiful I started singing before even realizing what I was doing! ç_ç So, here it is... first of all, sorry or the ...


Maria (West side story) Piano:Edward Tarte (Cover)

Me singing the song Maria (West side story) in my own way. Thanks to Edward Tarte for the Piano. If you want to here more from Edward you find him here: ...


Dango Daikazoku - Chata by Claire

Hi everyone! It's a song from the anime Clannad (ED). I hope you'll enjoy it ;)


I Know- Son Ho Young Piano

hahas well i wrote this version of I Know. soo they maybe be mistakess LOL i really liked this song hte first time i heard it so thats why i decided to write it LOL ...


Piano Songs Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver

"Take Me Home, Country Roads" is a song written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver, and initially recorded by John Denver. It was included on his ...


Weiss Kreuz - German Fandub

It's not that easy to find some girls in Weiß Kreuz, one of my most favourite series. I like the ending scene between Aya-chan and Sakura. There's no German dub ...


Tori no uta cover by aya

this is a song from AIR... actually i only heard this song bcoz of vocaloid... megpoid gumi,, rin, len and luka has a version of this... so i made one too XDD.


Isshuukan Friends Ost 5 my precious friend

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FULL ALBUM CLICKING THE LINK DOWN HERE: Note i translated to english titles. Full Album Link ▻ TrackList: ...


Bleach movie -Memories of Nobody- 'Sen no yoru wo koete' (on the piano)

Me playing the theme of Bleach movie -Memories of Nobody- on the piano, 'Sen no yoru wo koete' by Aqua Timez ^^ And so sorry I can't send you the sheets ...


Gekkou - cover by TaKo

my cover.


Hoshizora No Waltz - Lyrics

Lyrics wakaregiwa no samishisa wa ano koro kara kawaranai mata ashita aeru no ni hanaretakunai no sotto watashi wo dakishimete kureru shiawase wo ...


MOON ~Gekkou~ ATTACK (Original Karaoke)

MOON ~Gekkou~ ATTACK (Original Karaoke) MOON~MOONLIGHT~ATTACK (Original Karaoke) watashi wa mou mayowanai mae ni yuku to kimeta kara ano hi ...


Cowboy Bebop the Real Fork Blues on piano カウボーイビバップ弾き語り

カウボーイビバップのエンディング、ザリアルフォークブルースを 弾き語ってみた。 が、こりゃひどいな。。。


Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun Synthesia

Midi: PDF: Original:


Town Theme - Final Fantasy I (Fingerstyle Guitar)

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Arranger: Me? I found this arrangement hiding on my computer. It looks like I had completed the tab, but forgot about it. It's a simple ...

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