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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 1-800-992-9447 This video features Atty. Gordon Johnson who is a personal injury lawyer that ...


HSC LEAN: Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the ED Social Worker's Documentation

Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the ED Social Worker's Documentation Project Leads: Regan Spencer and Linda Rost.


Buffalo NY furnace safety

Advice from the best heating contractor in Buffalo an Williamsville NY - about keeping your family safe this winter. Protect your family against dangerous carbon ...


Fire Extinguishers This Boat-Ed Safety Matters video features Missouri State Water Patrol officers discussing the importance of having an ...


publicDomain: Day Two Complete Data Set

this movie chronicles stills from the second day of capture from my intervention/visual study called publicDomain. a screen capture is executed every 30 seconds ...


ABG Interpretation: Alternative Approaches to Acid Base Analysis (Lesson 15)

A lecture on the base excess and Stewart approaches to acid-base balance, including qualitative and quantitative comparisons to the traditional approach.


Sealing Gas Water Heater Closet When you are sealing a home it is critical to know about your gas appliances. If they are in the home area like a closet then the ...


Barometric Damper

Boiler venting issues.


Snake Bite Emergency Action Plan Medical Course

For Educational Use Only - Fair Use - Professional snake wrangler Jules Sylvester explains the emergency action plan if you re bitten by a poisonous serpent.


CO2 Connection

Help Kelvin as he embarks on the noble task of reducing the province of Alberta's carbon footprint! Joined by his trusty companion Celsius, Kelvin travels the ...



Demonstrates the process of combustion and compares it to the process of respiration.


Accelerate Advantage

Accelerate is a ground breaking scientific development in the fitness equipment industry. It combines aspiratory muscle training with magnetically induced ...


Carbon Monoxide - The Quiet Killer

As the winter season approaches the threat of CO poisoning heightens as appliances fueled with natural gas, liquified petroleum (Lp gas), oil, kerosene, coal, ...


Tonight at 10: Naked Yoga in Cleveland.

Anchors Jennifer Jordan and Gabe Spiegel tease my story tonight at 10.


Abandoned By Employer?

A woman says she was left behind, more than hundred miles from home after refusing to knock on doors and sell knock-off perfume.


Download poisoning and drug overdose v3.2.100 for free| full version| 100% working

Overview: An instant-answer guide you can turn to for on-the-spot treatment of poisoning and drug overdose Divided into four sections: Section I covers initial ...


Pop Talk 2/24: 'DWTS' Host Change, Lena Dunham Fights Back, Apple Security Breach

Amy Palmer, founder of PowerwomenTV, weighs in on the latest entertainment scoop including Erin Andrews replacing Brooke Burke-Charvet as Dancing with ...


Wireless electronics & Gas sensor

Test of communication of wireless electronics sensing gas in real time. This video is a proof-of-concept for a future sensing platform form by several nanosensors ...


Linking t + b 02 Pronunciation Practice

The "Linking: /t/ + /b/" Playlist = The pause before the next sentences is 110% ...


CO2 To Carbon Dioxide - HD - After Effects

A short movie made in Adobe After Effects. I made this beacuase of a talk with a friend, about how easy it was to make a nice looking advertisment, with false ...

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