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Cinematography Week 3 2008--Dude Where's My Tent?

Dude Where's My Tent is the movie created by the week 3 campers in 2008. Evil ninjas steal a tent from a group of scouts and force them to race one of their own ...


Hale Reservation Giant Swing Program April 2010.mp4

Girl Scout Troup from Norwood visits Hale and participates in a Giant Swing Program.


Drawing the mule

For my Belgian friends, with great respect.... Dima)) music:1.It's a Dance, 2.La Champange - by Michel Petrucciani .


CUNY CBS TV Boot Camp 2011



Cardiac Hill hale 2012

hail scout reservation 2012 of a hill.


Snowbird Ski Club trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2009


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