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QUT Mooting - How to Moot

This is the second half of the grand final national Shine Torts Moot competition hosted in the Banco Court, Supreme Court Complex, Brisbane in 2013. The video ...


Gelatin Microfluidics

Full procedure can be found at: Microfluidics is an emerging technology that involves manipulating fluids that are ...


Graduate success - QUT’s Bachelor of Pharmacy

Find out more at QUT graduate Jana Fulcher talks about the evolving pharmacy profession and her experience as a QUT student.


Chinese firm creates biological tissue through use of 3D printer

A Chinese high-tech company in the country's east has created a set of biological tissues by using a 3D bio-printer. The Chingdao Unique Products has been ...


3D-printing for making artificial Blood vessels

Blood vessels are vital parts of the body's circulatory system that supply the organs with nutrients and remove waste. Scientists have developed artificial tissue ...


Event highlights: 3D Print Wollongong

From medicine to manufacturing, how 3D Printing is shaping our future. At this public event, we had a scientist, a surgeon, an artist and an ethicist talk about how ...

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