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RED ZEPPELIN® -Photos from a tethered blimp

Aerial photos from a tethered helium blimp, using a 15-megapixel remote control camera. WILD!


IHC worlds leading company for dredging and mining vessels - Mobil oil of Den Hartog

IHC is the global market leader for efficient dredging and mining vessels and equipment -- with vast experience accumulated over decades -- and a reliable ...


Inizia il ripascimento, il video delle operazioni

Venerdì mattina, spiaggia libera davanti al campo Europa. Le ruspe spalano la sabbia, i camion fanno avanti e indietro per trasportarla sulle concessioni ...


Sea Turtle search for nests Outer Banks

1000 still pictures seamed together for this video. This is the return trip and that is why you see the tracks I made on the way to Nags Head pier this morning.


Variety of GoPro Hero video camera shots

Various shots good and bad taken with a Gopro Hero HD camera. Most were shot on the 720p setting with a 170 degree angle of view.


Emergency landing on Isle of Palms, SC beach

A DNR Centurian airplane makes emergency landing and then takes off from Isle of Palms, SC beach.


Queen Elizabeth ll off the coast of Napier

The cruise liner Queen Elizabeth ll off the coast of Napier, New Zealand on the 22nd of February, 2013.


A quick guide on using Guest Web with Sandbridge Blue

When you are making a reservation, it is an overwhelming process. Once it is over, you just want to confirm the home and get it over with! Sandbridge Blue ...


La Dragaggi srl - Ripascimento Jesolo 2014 - Fase 1 - Prelievo sabbia M/N Draga "Gino Cucco"

Ripresa aerea della fase di prelievo a mare di sabbia in località Jesolo. Intervento eseguito con la M/ Draga "Gino Cucco" di proprietà de La Dragaggi srl.


Chuck taking video of wind blown sand on the beach

Isle of Palms, SC - we can still enjoy the beach with the interesting streams of sand in the wind.

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