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Behringer U-Control UMX-610 [engl.] Session Music, Hanauer Landstrasse 338, 60314 Frankfurt, Germany ...


Blade mQX MIA TUFF LG Camera Mt - Part 1 of 4 Obviously I didn't expect the original designers of the Blade mQX to work around my upgrade.... It would be silly to expect that, it'd ...


Bunny Head 3D Animation

Short animation of bunny's head that I modeled and rigged. Everything was done on Cinema 4D. Check out the rigging video here: ...


Blade mQX MIA TUFF LG Camera Mt - Part 2 of 4 This is part of 4 videos I did to clarify the installation of the MIA TUFF LG Camera Mount kit on the Blade mQX. I was going to do a ...


Esky Honey Bee King II (White), Powered by Hobbypartz

Esky Honey Bee King 2 6CH CCPM Electric RC Helicopter RTF Brand New!!! RTF HoneyBee KING-Ⅱ(white) (include: Kit+Motor, 6CH TX, Receiver, Servo*4, ...


Balloons Storyboard AnimationMovie

For school we had to create an shot animation movie. It had to be an animation movie around 45 seconds. So we worked on the following fases: 1) Creating ...


DJI Phantom Zenmuse FPV Custom Undertray - Fatshark Zenmuse Mount

Instructions on how you go about assembling the Zenmuse version d3wey FPV Custom Undertray (non Zenmuse version available). Available to buy globally ...


DJI Phantom with DIY UFO light ring

Bought a DJI Phantom light kit from Peter Ellin at [email protected] . Instead of mounting to the body, I mounted it to a rounded peice of Pex pipe.


Syma S031 3 Ch Outdoor RTF RC Helicopter w/ Gyroscope

Follow us on Facebook for Exclusive updates ...


Edgy -- Used to be in a band

Edgy's salute to anyone who has uttered the words: "I used to be in a band." The video features some ironic collage-style flashback memories from Edgy's career ...


Kilbra Video Institucional

Video Institucional da Kilbra - Equipamentos para Avicultura "Seu sucesso é nosso negócio" (Áudio em Português)


Fact and Duracell Battery Test (Edjoe64)

This is a video about a fact about my teeth, And contains a Duracell Battery Animation. NOTE: I used the earlier version of Windows Movie Maker because of my ...


Hand Trowel

Ferro-cement by hand.


2D Chicken Breast Cooked with Slitter & Overlaying Conveyors



Full automatic chicken cage for your poultry chicken farm

1. H-type,A-type layer chicken cage 2. Hot galvanized/Cold galvanized/static plastic electroplating,Q235 stainless steel 3. Long lifespan 4. Full automatic 5.


Automatic plastic poultry feeder and nipple drinker equipment China Manufacturer

Automatic plastic poultry feeder and nipple drinker equipment China Manufacturer Shandong Superherdsman Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd. Manufacture ...


Bill of rights

This movie has been entered by karim159 into the Xtranormal February 2011 "Make A Movie, Win $1000!" Contest. The Xtranormal movie with the most views ...


That ain't no way to treat a lady - TV ad

Help us get this ad on TV! DOWNLOAD this video:


Battery Chicken - Poultry Files 1 - Concept Art Design

Molly Sole shows us her preliminary concept art design work for Kuromizu Enterprises' Chicken Battery for the "Battery Chicken" animation project.


4/27/2013 Testing RTH in-flight

This was meant to be a straight-forward flight to test the return-to-home (RTH) function on my Eagle OSD Pro. I was going to fly out about 2km, gain about ...

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