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Batik T-Shirt - Project #151

United Art and Education Original Art Project: Create a unique batik T-shirt using hot wax and Dylon Dye!


How to Tie Dye Heart

Purchase shirts here: check out my website Like on facebook: ...


Warm Fall Makeup Tutorial + Nudy and Berry Lips

Instagram: @ pangfouathor Facebook: Products used: - Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - Bare Mineral Liquid ...


Batik; The Old Man

Flac or Wav 24/96 Studio Master download available at; ''The old man was thin and gaunt with deep wrinkles in the back of his ...


Holiday Glam Tutorial - COLLAB with NaoNaudia

Hello! My talented friend NaoNaudia and I decided to do a Holiday Glam Look for you guys. I hope you guys enjoy it! Watch NaoNaudia's Holiday Glam Tutorial ...


Batik Spiral T-Shirt



Happy Birthday Keyboard/Piano Tutorial EASY

In this week's video, I'm showing you how to play happy birthday on the keyboard or piano. This song is super easy and perfect for beginners! Instagram: ...


How to make Queen of Hearts Christmas Ornament Ball Tutorial

How to make Queen of Hearts Christmas Ornament Ball Tutorial Thanks for watching! INSTAGRAM letas_kitchen ADDRESS: Leta's Kitchen P.O. Box 3534 ...


How to wear Nyonya kain panjang

How to wear peranakan kain panjang. Prepare: 1. Kain panjang/kain lepas. 2. Safety pin 3. Belt music: How It Began - Silent Partner - YouTube Audio Library.


John Legend - All Of Me (Batik Syndicate Remix)

This is our second remix, one of John Legend songs called "All Of Me". We hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment. Follow us on: Twitter: ...


Tutorial Montaggio Tela su Telaio

ITA: Sistema di montaggio tela su telaio, realizzabili in diversi formati e tipologie. Per informazioni ENG: System mounting ...


DIY Floral Plates - Mattoncini Floreali ✿ Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial

Read me - Leggimi (Eng / Ita) Hi guys! In this video I'll show you how to make easy and creative "floral bricks" (or plates) in polymer clay. You can create a lot of ...


DIY Tutorial Twist & Flip Head Wrap - Vlisco Fantasia Collection

Always wanted to learn how to make a head wrap? In this Video Tutorial Diana will show you how to do the Twist & Flip. A head wrap video tutorial by Diana ...


Tutorial de cartapesta - Mas de Siete Colores - Papeles artesanales

Cómo hacer cartapesta. Descripción paso a paso de la técnica de cartapesta utilizando papeles artesanales Mas de Siete Colores.


SHOPPING per mogli *-* Pigmenti Aleguaras *-* Unghie BATIK *-*

ASSOLUTISSIMAMENTE LEGGIMI************** un sabato pieno di emozioni che mi trascinero' per un po'! Aleguaras Mmu ( su facebook) mi ha fatto un regalo ...


Breeny Lee Presents: My Signature Afro ♡

Hi Dolls, This video is long overdue, Hope this video made sense, I'm a perfectionist and I tried to get it as good as I can, Below is all the info on the hair, Thank ...


Tutorial magliette a spirale colorate !!! T-shirts handmade

Ed eccoci col nostro primo video ;D Super tutorial per magliette colorate, originali, economiche e divertenti da fare!!!


Tinteggiatura tutorial completo (Parte 2): crepe sul muro.

Tinteggiatura tutorial completo (Parte 2): crepe sul muro. Questo video mostra come stuccare in modo adeguato una crepa sul muro in modo che non si riformi ...


Create a Tie Dye Wallpaper - Photoshop Tutorial

If you like my content, don't forget to show us some love, leave us some lovely suggestions and feedback's on what video I should do next regards to tutorials or ...


tudung dinner - Heejab pengantin - Hijab Tutorial #2 Side Curl

Tutorial Heejab Lainya : Assalamualaikum... Kali Nie Saya Nak Berikan Macam Mana Pakai Shawl Terkini, Semoga Nak Berguna Bagi Kite ...

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