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Windows Movie Maker | Aspect Ratio 16:9 | Tutorial 1

My first tut. Simple yet effective. Enjoy and subscribe if you like :) Twitter -!/Josh24252223.


3D Studio Max - Tutorial - How to set an image / picture or video as the backgorund of a viewport

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set an image in the background of a viewport, to prepare the scene for modeling objects... When you are modeling objects ...


Tutorial: How to make sure of 16:9 Aspect Ratio on Youtube Videos

Long title FTW! Please like the video and subscribe!


Sony Vegas Pro 12: Mirrored Edge Effect

A lot of the times when people import videos/images, they tend to expand or disregard the aspect ratio of the files manually. This sometimes distorts the files way ...


3D Studio Max - Tutorial - Como configurar una imagen / foto o video como fondo de un viewport

En este tutorial, le mostrare como colocar una imagen en el fondo o background de un View Port, para preparar la escena para modelar objetos... Cuando usted ...


Smart Photo Editor Tutorial - Red Eye Removal

Smart Photo Editor brings community powered photo editing. Traditional photo editing software is either too complicated and time consuming, or too basic to get ...


[3D] Converting Aspect Ratio Basics

This tutorial is part of the "stereoscopic basics" series and shows how to take existing stereo pairs and convert them to another aspect ratio. For example, if you ...


MKVtoolnix - Tutorial basico

Hola amigos. En este video tutorial de MKVtoolnix, os enseño procedimientos básicos para poder gestionar vuestros MKV, como por ejemplo insertar pistas (ya ...


Come evitare ed eliminare le bande nere nei Video In questo video vediamo come eliminare le bande nere nei video e come ...


Home Theater Circular Screen Example (2.35:1 Aspect Ratio)

This is an example of using NTHUSIM and a 180 degree circular screen as a home theater. In this case a movie preview is projected on the triple-projector ...


UI Scroll Rect - Unity Official Tutorials

Watch on the official Unity learn pages here - The Scroll Rect is a rect that can be scrolled horizontally or vertically to create masked spaces with hidden content ...


Ira Krakow's Blender 2.5 Camera Controls Tutorial

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the camera controls in Blender 2.5. The controls are similar to Blender 2.4x. 2.5, at least my pre-alpha release as of ...


[Tutorial Premiere Pro+Encore] Creare Un DVD Da Riprese In HD In questo video tutorial spiego la procedura per creare un DVD partendo da un Timeline HD di Premiere Pro.


Minecraft Xbox Edition | How To Make A Blinking Light ( Redstone ) Tutorial | 1.8.2 Update

This is a tutorial on how to make a blinking light in Minecraft. This can be used for spooky settings or scenery in your world... maybe decoration be creative :P ...


131° Tutorial - Come scaricare The Evil Within per PC ITA

Link Tutorial: ➜ ♢ Acquista i tuoi videogiochi a basso prezzo: ➜ ♢ Pagina Facebook: ➜ ♢ Pagina...


NES.emu para Android [Emulador Nintendo NES] (Tutorial y descarga)

Hola que tal a todos esta vez les vengo a presentar un nuevo video de como configurar el emulador NES.EMU para Android pot ROBERT BROAGLIA.


How to stretch youtube video or How to fix aspect ratio of a video ?

How to stretch youtube video or How to fix aspect ratio of a video ? Please follow the simple presentation. Hope it will help you.


Tutorial ArcGIS 10.2 Aspect (exposition des des versants) إعداد خريطة توجيه السفوح

Download DEM (MNT) : Blog Ar : Facebook ...


shatter test - aspect ratio @*#!ed

me playing with the shatter effect with custom channel maps.


Seal Offline Tutorial Lanjutan 1 - Edit Character

Ditutorial lanjutan seal offline yang pertama ini kita akan mengedit character, mulai dari mengganti profesinya menjadi GM, mengubah level karakter dan ...

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