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Ant colony optimization (Python & Pygame)

The video was recorded with CamStudio. Simulation of an ant colony. Ants (black) find optimal (or nearly-optimal) path from nest (light green) to food (yellow).


Swarm routing algorithm in Ad-hoc vehicle network in Matlab

Dynamic network routing algorithm in Ad-hoc vehicle network in Matlab. This routing algorithm use Swarm Intelligence. Each blue diamond is a vehicle, two red ...


Swarm Robots guided by PSO Algorithm

This is a basic PSO algorithm that guides a swarm of robots to an optimum at the origin. Several improvements pending including collision avoidance.


Ant Social Organization (movie s3)

Spread of information in a colony. The information spread is initiated from ant 217 (blue tag, top right corner in the movie). All ants that directly or indirectly interacted with ant 217 ...


Next Ant Colony..YOU DECIDE!

Hope you like this small video guys, all links are bellow! Thanks for the feedback and just being awesome! Link to ...


Motion Tracking with Matlab

MatLab image tracking of ant in a maze. Source code (MatLab 2013b) available at: Image sequence from: ...


Metodo hormigas (Ant Colony System)

Metodo de las Hormigas INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL Estudio de Caso 5 FundaciĆ³n Universitaria Maria Cano FUMC.

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