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Fog Free Glass

Materials Scientists Create Polymer Coating Against Fogged Glass January 1, 2006 (originally posted by DBIS - American Institute of Physics) When moisture ...


Strange Matter

Materials Scientist Introduces Kids to the Science of Everyday Stuff December 1, 2007 (originally posted by DBIS - American Institute of Physics) Materials ...


Plastics in Automotive -- The Crumple Zone

More at: • Crumple zones are structural areas in the ...


Achieving Balance: Building Revenue Models for the Future, James Wonder

If the basic elements of a design are out of balance and can no longer handle the projected stress load, it's time to go back to the drawing board and rework the ...


Russell Targ at Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?

More info: Go to to join the Mighty Companions mailing list and check out Suzanne ...

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