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Michael David: Developing an Agent-Based Model of MRSA in the Community

2011: Antimicrobial Resistance: Biology, Population Dynamics and Policy Options Symposium.


Emergency Department Simulation

Sample run of an Agent Based Emergency Department(ED) Simulation. City-wide scenario of patient diversion between four EDs. Patients are represented as ...


Pedestrian simulation | Dynamic route assignment over continuous space

This is a simple model of dynamic assignment of pedestrian routes responsive to traffic conditions. The cost of each routing option is determined using ...


NOVA: An Interactive Graphics-Scripting Platform for Education and Computational Research

Google Tech Talk May 10, 2013 (more info below) Presented by Wayne M. Getz, Richard M. Salter, Nick Sippl-Swezey ABSTRACT Current graphically-driven ...


Emory University Hospital Midtown - Emergency Department Simulation Model (WMV)

A video of a preliminary simulation model of Emory University Hospital Midtown's Emergency Department created for the Georgia Institute of Technology's ...

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