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Emergency Department Agent Based Model

The Agent Based Emergency Department Simulator, slowed down, and showing a closeup of a single ED. Patients are represented as stick figures. Patient ...


Pedestrian simulation | Dynamic route assignment over continuous space

This is a simple model of dynamic assignment of pedestrian routes responsive to traffic conditions. The cost of each routing option is determined using ...


Simulation of Emergency Services of Fire Department (Yue Zhang, UVa)

This model is implemented using Java Repast. The firefighting emergency services are simulated in GIS environment. If nothing happens, the fire engines (red ...


Graphical representation of agent-based models in Operational Research using UML

SW14 Presented by Peer-Olaf Siebers Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation (ABM/S) is still struggling to become one of the main stream simulation methods ...


NOVA: An Interactive Graphics-Scripting Platform for Education and Computational Research

Google Tech Talk May 10, 2013 (more info below) Presented by Wayne M. Getz, Richard M. Salter, Nick Sippl-Swezey ABSTRACT Current graphically-driven ...


Using agent based modelling to identify emergent behaviour in game theory

In this video I describe a python library I've put together that lets you simulate interactions of agents representing strategies of a normal form game. The website ...


AlgoRhythm: NetLogo and GoGo Board Setup

Created by Anthony Schloss and Brian Young, AlgoRhythm is a digital game that uses tangible objects to teach children rhythm through collaborative play.

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