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How to Pan for Gold - Yukon Territory, Canada

The historic gold fields of the Klondike Gold Rush are a popular destination in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Join David Millar, owner of Goldbottom Tours, as he ...



Tutorial Minnie in Pasta di zucchero.


Raising Chickens and Turkeys in Canada's Yukon Territory

163 day old chicks arrived this afternoon on the Air North Flight from Edmonton up to Whitehorse on a snowy spring day in May. They were treated to a nice bed ...


Dredge No. 4 in Dawson City - Yukon Territory, Canada

Shortly after gold was discovered in the Yukon Territory, Dredge No. 4 was installed to harvest gold from the surrounding earth. The dredge has been out of ...


Whitehorse Art - Yukon Territory, Canada

Explore the rich culture and history of Whitehorse, through its art scene. The Yukon Artists @ Work Co-operative Gallery and the Copper Moon Gallery both ...


Dancing loon in the Yukon Territory, Canada


Husky dogs pulling a wheeled cart at Caibou Crossing in the Yukon Territory.

We had a fantastic ride behind some very excited Alaskan Huskies on a visit to Caribou Crossing in the Yukon Territory which is in Canada.


1/2 Uranium Mining/Exploration in Yukon Territory's Peel is for Bombs not Energy or Tourism

A lot of the Yukon uranium mining claims are in the Peel watershed, thousands of them. In his letter to the Yukon News from June 24 "Uranium Moratorium Now" ...


Fun on the Carcross Desert, Carcross, Yukon Territory

Family have fun on the Carcross Desert, Yukon Territory, "the smallest Desert on World",


Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, 1996 part 4



Fire Lapse - Camp fire time lapse photography. Kluane Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Time lapse of our first fire and cider of the spring of 2010 on the frozen shore of Kluane Lake, Yukon Territory. Shot from the Kluane Bed and Breakfast at Silver ...


Landscape Photography Photoshop Tutorial: Marc Adamus Sharpening Method - With over 17 hours of high quality video tutorials on editing and capturing landscape images. --- About this tutorial: Landscape ...


Auto Draw 2: Dawn At The Tombstone Valley, Yukon Territory, Canada Dawn at the Tombstone Valley, Yukon Territory, Canada dempster territories alaska park yukon highway northwest mountains ...


How to Edit Your Northern Lights Photos in Photoshop & Lightroom

Your Free 40 page star and landscape photography eBook which I discussed in the tutorial can be accessed by clicking the link below. Upon signing up you'll ...


Downieville Gold Mining Tutorial- Knife Party Tribute

Shown here are traditional mining techniques originally practiced by the 1849ers and carried on by professional gold prospectors to this day. Gold is commonly ...


Yukon Territory - Christmas Card-toon 2006

Holiday Card-toon 2006 by animator Ed Hanlon, featuring some familiar holiday characters.


ETQW: Icarus Skiing and Circle Flying Tutorial

A small tutorial I put together on skiing and circle flying with the Icarus in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Enjoy!


CostumeChik - Halloween Costumes Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

costumechik - Halloween Costumes Whitehorse, Yukon Territory , costumechik is Canada's online costume shop with free shipping in Canada on orders over ...


Country dance Along the Yukon (demo & tutorial)

Fiche danse: Step sheet: ...


GoPro Helicopter drill de-mob

Kluane Lake Area, Yukon Territory Music: Dropkick Murphys, Workers Song.

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