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Y Chromosome Not Disappearing After All

For a while, scientists have thought that the Y chromosome (which determines whether a person is male) may become extinct in tens of millions of years due to ...


The Y Chromosome Lives!

Please Hit "Like" for C-INFERNO Facebook Page\ Bernard Chapin with Chapin's INFERNO ...


Basic Squid Proxy Server Tutorial Part 1 of 3

This video will show you what a Squid Proxy Server does in Ubuntu. Part 1 of 3.


Non reciprocal Y chromosome recombination theory explained

Non reciprocal recombination theory explained.


Y Chromosome

The song Y Chromosome for Pokémon: The Mew-sical. Written by Jackson deJong and Ryan Stajmiger Performed by Kat Geertsen and Laura Urban.


Nondisjunction (Trisomy 21) - An Animated Tutorial

Our project for Advanced Genetics (in Arcadia's Genetic Counseling program). A brief stop-motion walkthrough of nondisjunction during Meiosis II.


Tapage - Algorithmic Composition Based on the Y-Chromosome

made in Max/MSP.


Chromosome 11-Inside Look-Animated tutorial Zoom along a three-dimensional rendering of 650000 nucleotides of human chromosome 11 to see how little actually ...


Biology 1107 - Gender Chromosomes

This video is intended for students in ACE Biology 1107 PACE and focuses on the difference between the X and Y chromosomes, how they determine the ...


Delicious Max/MSP Tutorial 6: Let's build a TB-303 (Part 5) Finally done! With no problems whatsoever! Wait, why isn't it working...


Genome Tour - Y Chromosome (part 2)

Today we will be taking another look at the Y chromosome but from another perspective, from Chimp to Human. In the last video we compared Human to Chimp ...


Genome Synteny Viewer Tutorial

Existing software for visualization of synteny region between two genomes involve synteny generation by computation methods which includes a pre-determined ...


Meiosis: Crossing Over and Variability [3D Animation]

See an organised list of all the animations:



Paul Andersen describes the major mutations found in the living world. He starts with an analogy comparing the information in DNA with the information in a ...


YDNA Matching Tutorial

This tutorial will take you through finding YDNA matches on GeneTree.


Nondisjunction of chromosome

What do we mean by nondisjunction of chromosome. this tutorial demonstrates the mechanism of chromosome nondisjunction and the effect of nondisjunction in ...


X Inactivation

Paul Andersen explains how X inactivation works in mammals. This process was first described by Mary Lyon. Each cell in a female will have on activated and ...


Mitochondrial Eve

In the field of human genetics, Mitochondrial Eve refers to the matrilineal most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of modern humans. In other words, she was the ...


YDNA - haplogroup O Part I

Copied from genebase. If genebase is against the publishment of this video on youtube, I will delete it as required.


Paul Simon performs "American Tune" at 2011 Induction Ceremony

Paul Simon Musician American Tune Lyrics by Paul Simon Many's the time I've been mistaken, and many times confused And I've often felt forsaken, and ...

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