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Feng Yali. Profesora Instituto Confucio BLCU.

Feng Yali, trabaja en el Instituto de Confucio de la Universidad de Lenguas y Cultura de Beijing. Se graduo de esta universidad el año pasado, su profesión es ...


How to Pronounce Aesthetics

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!


Professor Simon Blackburn - Science and Human Nature

New College of the Humanities (NCH) offers a new model of higher education for the humanities in the UK. NCH students enjoy one of the best staff-to-student ...


From Mohism's Book of Mozi: Book 4 - Universal Love (1/3) • BMD1064; Aired on 13 Aug 2009(in Chinese) A reading from Mohism's book of Mozi; book 4 Universal Love. Mozi, or Mo Tzu was ...


The Eastern Philosophers (China, India, Middle East)

Lao-tzu 570 BCE Confucius 551 BCE Siddhārtha Gautama 480 BCE Mo-Tzu 479 BCE Mencius 479 BCE Han Fei -Zi 280 BCE Wang Chong 27 CE Nagarjuna ...


Han Fei Tzu

Han Fei Tzu. By Burton Watson. Representative of the Fachia, or Legalist, school of philosophy, the writings of Han Fei...


Temple of Mencius and Meng Family Mansion,Shandong, China

Mencius is one of the most important Confucianism. Mencius Temple is the place where people feted Mencius. The Meng Family Mansion was the inhabitancy of ...



My first 2d animation commission I did the animation Carl Kein Valencia and marlo zanoria did the voice over.


Critical Thinking Fundamentals: Normative & Descriptive Claims

We humans are a chatty bunch--we talk A LOT. But each claim we make can be sorted neatly sorted into one of two categories: it either describes something or it ...


Fractal Reality

Gregor Arturo's first discussion of a concept for the Prometheus Initiiative about how reality is a fractal and that structure is important, not what matter is.


ABBA - Dancing Queen (Slowed)

Song: Dancing Queen. Artist: ABBA. Album: Arrival.


Critical Thinking Fallacy: Appeal to the People

In this video, Jordan MacKenzie discusses a type of informal fallacy known as the argumentum ad populum fallacy, or the appeal to the people fallacy.


孫子兵法: The Art of War - Shogun 2 Online Battle Commentary

Analyzing a Battle using The Art of War by Sun Zi. Subtitles taken from the translation by A. W. Ziegler, which is really close to the original text. The battle is from ...


Casio G-Shock Blackout Military Watch GD100-1B - Casio G-Shock Blackout Military Watch GD100-1B. This watch comes with features such as: Black resin band with ...

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