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Gilmore & Glahn with guest William A. Dembski

John Gilmore talks with William Dembski, American mathematician, philosopher, theologian and author on the subject of intelligent design, specifically the ...


William A. Dembski, "Conservation of Information in Evolutionary Search"

Dr. William Dembski "Conservation of Information in Evolutionary Search" University of Chicago Computation in Science Seminar Introduction by Dr. Leo ...


Christopher Hitchens vs William Dembski

2010 Does a good god exist.


Intelligent Design Theory - William Dembski, PhD

Anderson University hosted the 2013 Southeastern Regional Meeting which focused on "The Origins Debate." ETS was privileged to have Dr. William Dembski, ...


Christopher Hitchens debates William Dembski How can a good god exist in the universe? 2010

Christopher Hitchens debates William Dembski How can a good god exist in the universe? 2010.


29. With Bill Dembski - Intelligent Design

The One Minute Apologist asks special guest WIlliam Dembski, the leading authority in the Intelligent Design Movement, about the Intelligent Design Movement.


Deconstructing Dembski Homework #1 solutions

In which we discuss the solutions to homework #1.


"Darwin or Design" with Dr. Tom Woodward with guest Dr. Robert J. Marks II

"Darwin or Design" with Dr. Tom Woodward is sponsored by the C.S. Lewis Society : and Trinity College: ...


An Evaluation of Theistic Evolution

In an attempt to reconcile Christianity with Science, some Christians have adopted the position that God used evolution to create life as we know it.


How Information Theory Is Taking Intelligent Design Mainstream

An Interview With Dr. William Dembski This episode of ID the Future continues Casey Luskin's interviews Dr. William Dembski on his new peer-reviewed paper, ...


Interview with Aaron Dembski-Bowden at Salute 2011

This is the video of the interview on our episode 45 with Aaron Dembski-Bowden in a coffee shop at salute! NOTE there is a slight mis-edit and 6 mins are ...


Scientifically Testable Consequences of Fine-tuning Related Arguments & Hypotheses

Dr. Robin Collins is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Messiah College. He has numerous articles and book chapters published, many of which have focused ...


Alex Dembski Jazz Piano Solo Improvisation

Alex Dembski Jazz Piano Solo Improvisation.


WHAT IS SPECIFIED COMPLEXITY? Listen in as Tim explains the difference between raw complexity and specified complexity using a helpful illustration.


Darwin as the Pinball Wizard: Talking Probability with Robert J. Marks II

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin interviews Dr. Robert J. Marks II, who has published two papers with William Dembski and another paper with Dr.


2015 IEEE Radar Conference Tutorial: Radar Transmitter Design for the Crowded Radio Spectrum

0:00:57 Linearity and Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for Power Amplifier Design 39:13 Fast Load-Impedance Search for Power-Added Efficiency (PAE) ...


Debate - William Lane Craig vs Christopher Hitchens - Does God Exist?

April 4, 2009 - Craig vs. Hitchens Debate from Biola University.


Why the Fed model's big buy signal can't be trusted - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

According to the famous "Fed Model" the US stockmarket is a buy. Tim Bennett introduces the model and explains why you shouldn't rely on it now. Don't miss ...


Making a Power Core in Starmade

A simple tutorial on how to build an efficient power core in Starmade.


El Misterio de la Vida 2/3 Máquinas Moleculares

Esta película es resultado de más de tres años de investigación, fotografía y post-producción. Sobre la base de la labor intelectual de Stephen C. Meyer, ...

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