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Votifier tutorial - Rewards players for voting!

I'm back in the bid! This plugin helps your server to become a top voted for server! A very useful plugin Sorry for my absence, but I have been enjoying the ...


Voting Tutorial for Froscast!

IP for the Hub server - IP for the Hungergames server - Website: Forums: ...


Flash Website Voting Poll Tutorial: Actionscript 3.0 PHP MySQL

Download the Editable Files to start: Learn how to build more creative ...


NEW YORK NOW Voting Machine Tutorial

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the new voting machines in NYS as seen on NEW YORK NOW. For the full program go to


Minecraft Voting rewards - Tutorial

Link for GA Listener Comment in chat box for any future tutorials you would like done And subscribe to ...


Lifeminecraft - Voting Tutorial - Der deutsche Minecraft Server

Link zur Homepage: Lifeminecraft Das wahre Leben Minecraft Server - IP: Ein Voting Tutorial des ...


Aetna Voices of Health Voting Tutorial

How to vote daily for Deliver the Dream. Http://


[TUTORIAL]Seoul Music Awards Voting Tutorial

Download the App on Play Store Here : Take Away with FULL Credits! Do Not Reupload.


PHP Tutorial: Simple Rating / Voting System [part 00]

WEBSITE: In this video I demonstrate the very simple rating system that we will be creating.


PHP Tutorial: Simple Rating / Voting System [part 01]

WEBSITE: In this video I explain the file and database structure for the rating system as well as making a start on the code.


Elitecraft voting tutorial

In this tutorial, we will show you how to vote for our server every day to receive diamonds, emeralds and XP in-game on our Minecraft server,


Electronic voting at AUB - How to tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates to students how to vote during the 2014 AUB elections. Voting locations on campus:


MythCraft ~ Proxy Voting ~ PC/Browser Tutorial

Extension used - Hola Better Internet Judexes Phone Tutorial: Song ~ Krewella - Come & Get It Written Guide: ...


[7ONTHEBLOCK] MAMA 2014 Voting Tutorial

Do you want to help Block B win big at the MAMA awards this year? Are you confused with how the voting system and roses and SNS sharing works?


Taylor Swift gives CMA Voting Tutorial

Taylor Swift schools you on how to vote for the CMA Awards :p An old video, but classic.


Dani Hero - Voting Sparkasse // Tutorial [Facebook]

Wähle deinen Favoriten für den Sparkassen Band Contest am 22.11.2014 im Glashaus Adorf! Die "Sparkasse Vogtland" bietet auf Ihrer Facebook-Fanpage die ...


28. Creating voting buttons in a message [Tutorial Outlook 2013]

A neat feature in Microsoft Outlook is the ability to include Voting buttons in an email. This way, you can poll your users without having you do any sort of tallying ...


Bunnycoin Charity Voting Tutorial

10% of Mined Bunnycoins go to support user voted upon charities. This short tutorial video will show you how to vote for which charities these coins get ...


Weka Tutorial 13: Stacking Multiple Classifiers (Classification)

In this tutorial I have shown how to use Weka for combining multiple classification algorithms. Both ensembles (bagging and boosting) and voting combining technique are ...


Leaminton Online voting tutorial

Online voting tutorial for the municipality of Lamington step by step process.

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