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Photoshop Tutorial : Create a Cool Retro VHS Text Effect

Today we mess with Photoshop to create a cool retro VHS Text Effect. We love the 80's especially that look and feel of the old VHS movies that we used to watch ...


Vhs Distortion Tutorial

After a long hiatus of tutorials, here's one straight from the ghetto, yo. download stock footage here.


How To: VHS Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I show you how to create a VHS effect in Photoshop. I'm using CS6, but this shouldn't be any different for any other version. If you have any ...


VHS Distortion After Effects Tutorial. Tutorial Tuesdays.

Leave a comment of what you want me to do next! Facebook! Twitter! ...


After Effects Tutorial: How to make a Damaged VHS or Static TV Effect

Tutorial on how to make a damaged VHS effect or a static TV. Really comes in handy when editing an oce or an episode. If you want more tutorials, make sure ...


Tutorial paso cintas VHS a DVD

Tutorial explicativo de cómo pasar cintas VHS a DVD en un solo paso usando la herramienta gratuita NCH Software Golden Videos. Fuente y más información: ...


VHS Tape Effects in Adobe After Effects CS6 / CS5.5 (Project File Included!)

Here's an introduction video and tutorial for my free-to-use After Effects project that turns any footage into crappy VHS footage. (Shout-outs / special thanks ...


Tutorial - Limpeza de fita VHS e do aparelho Vídeo Cassete

Aprenda a remover aqueles mofos que prejudicam o funcionamento daquela fita VHS da sua coleção, e também fazer a limpeza do seu vídeo cassete para ...


Tutorial Descargar e instalar Honestech vhs to dvd (Programa para capturar las capturadoras)

Este programa te permitirá Capturar con capturadoras de conexión al pc (Como la easy-cap) Preguntas: ¿Como selecciono mi capturadora? R: Muy simple, te ...


WordPerfect Tutorial 1987 VHS

Just 43 keyboard shortcuts to learn! What could be easier? Google Search "Sharlene Wells"... she's still around!


How To Use Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3 Plus

This video goes out to my friend and to others who are having problems on how to upload a VHS Tape onto youtube. I'm useing Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3 Plus ...


VIDEO CASSETE. Como Converter VHS para DVD (Aparelho, Cabos e Placa)

Aprenda a transformar sua coleção de fitas VHS em DVDs, para melhor armazenamento, processo de digitalização do acervo de imagens de sua família.


Red Giant QuickTip #60: Old VHS Look

In this QuickTip, Seth Worley shows you how to give your footage an old VCR/VHS look in Adobe After Effects. UPDATE: We loved this effect so much, we made ...



Tutorial que muestra de forma rápida como limpiar tu VHS sin cinta limpiadora. Aquí puedes leer los pasos: 1º: Quita la tapa de tu VHS con cuidado. 2º: Fíjate en ...


Tutorial: Convertir formato VHS a DVD en PC

Video tutorial de como convertir un vhs a dvd en PC.


3D Construction Kit Tutorial VHS Video

The 3D Construction Kit came with a VHS video cassette showing you how to use the kit, and what could be achieved. Here is the video for you watch online.


VHS capture using EasyCap and Debut Tutorial

Capture your vhs videos with the Easycap and Debut software Debut Download:


Filming Tips- Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3 Plus

In this video, I will show you how to use the software that converts VHS tapes into DVDs and computer files. Also, something very scary happens! Link To Roxio ...


Tutorial How To VHS Kassetten digitalisieren German Deutsch

VHS Video Kassetten digitalisieren. Gekauftes Produkt: ...


VHS effect avisynth + avspmod

Reproduire l effet vhs du script. Avisynth+avspmod+ffdshow. avspmod est un éditeur de script. ffdshow permet ...

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